Genshin Impact x KFC Crossover Event Canceled

Owing to the current COVID-19 pandemic, a recently scheduled KFC event supporting Genshin Impact has been canceled. Even though the global pandemic is currently improving in areas such as China, where the event was supposed to be held, people are still being told to practice social distancing, and other preventive measures and large gatherings are still going to be few and far between as the next couple of months play out.

E3, which was canceled last year and will be replaced by Geoff Keighley’s immersive Summer Games Fest for the second time in the coming months, is one of the gaming festivals put on hold due to the outbreak.

Meanwhile, game developers continue to retain social isolation and work-from-home practices, while Capcom has recently been criticized for requiring workers to come into its offices amid COVID’s pervasiveness. And commercial video game tie-in activities are not immune to the virus’s ongoing effects on the world.


Following a violation of China’s ongoing COVID preventive policies, a proposed Genshin Impact promotional event at two KFC locations in Shanghai and Hangzhou has been canceled, as Kotaku stated earlier this weekend.

Customers were urged to yell “Meet in another world, enjoy delicious food!” at employees after getting their meal to receive a free promotional pin of either Diluc or Noelle during this would-be event, which both KFC and Genshin Impact publisher miHoYo has been actively promoting over the past month.

The exact violation that contributed to the cancellation of this event has yet to be determined. Still, it’s worth remembering that China has been enforcing stringent anti-COVID measures while trying to rebound from the epidemic that started in late 2019.


As of late, KFC has been no stranger to weird video game cross-promotions, selling playable skins based on the iconic Colonel Sanders in hit games like Fall Guys and even teasing its own chicken-bucket-shaped gaming console as an unusual promotional prank. It also worked with Genshin Impact on a DLC alternative skin for the game’s Wind Glider until the event was cancelled this month.

Although some Genshin Effect fans may be saddened that they will not be receiving a promotional pin at their local KFC this month, the decision to cancel the event in Shanghai and Hangzhou, China, was definitely the correct decision considering the potential for COVID violations.

Even though many vaccines are now being spread across the world, the virus remains a concern, and it will take some time for things to return to normal. So far, no news about whether the promotional Genshin Effect pins that would have been available at KFC’s cancelled event would be made available via any other outlet in China or elsewhere.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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