Genshin Impact Out Now! Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Genshin Impact is a gacha-inspired free-to-play role-playing game that is developed by miHoYo – a Chinese gaming studio. During the game’s introduction last 2019, Genshin Impact was the center of controversy after fans noticed its significant similarities with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Looking at the teaser trailer alone, it’s easy to spot that they really have resemblances.

However, despite the similarities with Breath of the Wild especially in the game’s visuals, Genshin Impact features unique heroes and various gameplay mechanics which makes it a unique game on its own.

For players who are curious about what Genshin Impact has to offer, here’s an in-depth guide on what the game is all about.

More than a clone

In Genshin Impact, players are taken in the massive world of Teyvat where they take the role of a Traveler who is in a quest to find their lost sibling. As the story progresses, players will be able to control various other characters, each wielding a unique ability and captivating personalities.

A player’s main goal in playing Genshin Impact is to accomplish quests, explore the open-world of Teyvat, and discovering the secrets of the continents’ prehistoric gods. It is worth noting that the only resemblance of Genshin Impact with Breath of the Wild is its general design of the open-world setting.

The game’s story, characters, and gameplay mechanics significantly vary from Nintendo’s popular game. There are 24 playable heroes in Genshin Impact and each features two distinct combat skills – a special and normal skill.

Identical to other games of the same genre, the character’s normal skill can be used at any time except when it’s in cooldown. On the other hand, special skills will require players to collect ample energy in order to use it.

In addition, each of the heroes can control one of the seven elements in the world of Teyvat including, Geo, Electro, Anemo, Hydro, Pyro, Dendro, and Cyro. Another unique feature of the game that was probably inspired by Breath of the Wild is its cooking gameplay.

In Genshin Impact, players are able to collect various resources and create unique dishes by cooking. These dishes can aid players to regain their health and mana, while others can boost various stats such as attack and defense.


Genshin Impact has just been released today, September 28, for the PlayStation 4, PC, iOS, and Android while a Switch port is already being developed. Players who are looking to get the game would be happy to know that it is free-to-play which means they can easily download it on digital stores for free.

However, players who have a few dollars to spare can get the Genshin Impact starter pack exclusively for the PlayStation 4 for $5.

The pack contains the following freebies:

    • 3x Acquaint Fate
    • 150,000x Mora
    • 80x Adventurer’s Experience
    • 50x Fine Enhancement Ore
    • X10 Northern Smoked Chicken
    • X10 Sauteed Matsukake
    • X10 Sweet Madame
    • X10 Tea Break Pancake

Preorder Bonus

In addition, players who have preordered the starter pack will also receive these bonuses:

    • X15 Hero’s Wit
    • X20 Mystic Enhancement Ore

Of course, it is worth noting that buying the starter pack is not required for fans to play everything that the game has to offer. However, a little leverage won’t hurt, especially for players who aren’t familiar with open-world RPGs.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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