Genshin Impact Streamer Bashed For Spending More Than $2000 To Get Five-Star Character

A Twitch streamer by the username Lacari has spent more than $2000 while playing Genshin Impact in order to get an ultra-rare five-star character. Even though Genshin Impact is free-to-play, a lot of players are spending hundreds, and even thousands of dollars just to get high-tier characters.

This is the traditional gacha system usually featured in free-to-play games like miHoyo’s Genshin Impact. Getting high-tier characters isn’t required in finishing the full main story of Genshin Impact, but the system behind this can be addictive to several fans.

Lacari, who has been streaming his journey inside Genshin Impact, has promised his viewers that he will be unlocking all the available characters in the Chinese game. Several characters are given for free to players as they start their journey as well as several free rare characters with in-game wishes and accomplishments like getting to Adventurer Rank 20.

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Alternatively, most of the four- and five-star characters in the game can only be received by using the gacha system. Collecting them all is near-impossible but Lacari was committed to doing it anyway. After wasting $1500 in Genshin Impact’s gacha system, fans watching the stream began making fun of him in the chat.

One asked if the streamer knew that he only has a .6% chance of getting a five-star character. Viewers continued to bash him and call him a loser for wasting so much money for an in-game character until Lacari finally got the ultra-rare character he was after – Keqing, an Electro sword wielder. However, he still has seven more missing characters to complete the list.

This gacha system usually found in free-to-play games has been an issue along with loot boxes which most players blame for adding in-game transactions with random prizes and items on top of the title’s main price tag.

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Games like Genshin Impact are free to play but it is a player’s choice if they want to invest in the game grinding for dozens of hours or easily buy powerful items to make them stronger. It’s only once a player reaches the endgame that four- or five-star characters may become necessary.

Even if money is dedicated to getting Wishes, there is no assurance that a player gets a high-tier character. There’s an incredibly low chance of receiving a five-start character in Genshin Impact so players must think things thoroughly before following Lacari’s path and spend a couple thousand dollars.

Christian Allen Tandoc
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