Get Hammered with Fall Guys’ New Feature: Big Yeetus

The Fall Guys official Twitter account has announced that there will be a new addition – or obstacle – in some of its current mini-games. Big Yeetus: a big, candy cane-colored hammer that will randomly appear out of nowhere to give you a big whack.

Big Yeetus was announced on September 2, and the Fall Guys Twitter account has not stopped talking about it since. They have retweeted various fan art for this newly-announced hammer, as well as tweeting teasers as to whether or not Big Yeetus is actually real.

In addition to that, they have also tweeted a request to actor Norman Reedus, asking him if he’s willing to become a voice actor for the said hammer. On the other hand, the game’s development studio Mediatonic is being more mysterious about it by tweeting: “Following a deluge of media enquiries, we would like to confirm that we are not offering official press comment on the existence of this so-called ‘Big Yeetus.’

That being said, despite the fact that the official Fall Guys Twitter account has been unbearably tweeting about Big Yeetus for more or less six hours, we can’t help but give them a free pass. After all, they did a wonderful charity campaign recently, raising $1 million for the charity Special Effect.

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