Ghostwire: Tokyo Not Anymore Releasing This Year

Because of Microsoft’s acquisition of ZeniMax Media and its studios, developers like Tango Gameworks are now part of Xbox Game Studios. Despite this, Microsoft is respecting PlayStation exclusivity agreements signed before the acquisition, which is why Tango Gameworks’ forthcoming Ghostwire: Tokyo game is being developed exclusively for the PlayStation 5. Ghostwire: Tokyo’s release date has been pushed out to next year from its original October release date.

The news was made on the official Ghostwire: Tokyo Twitter feeds by Tango Gameworks. Although no particular release date has been revealed, the creators have stated that Ghostwire: Tokyo will be released in early 2022. The delay is necessary so that the developers may produce an “unforgettable rendition of a haunted Tokyo” that fulfills their vision without jeopardizing their team’s health.


After that, Tango Gameworks praised supporters for their patience and promised to offer “an experience, unlike anything we’ve ever created.” After that, the Tango Gameworks creators said that more on the game would be presented in the following months, so it’s doubtful that fans would have to wait until next year to see more of Ghostwire: Tokyo in action.

While some Tango Gameworks fans may be unhappy by the Ghostwire: Tokyo postponement, it’s safe to assume that the majority of fans expected it. Apart from a few Ghostwire: Tokyo clips, very little information about the game has been released, and it was absent from the most recent PlayStation State of Play. Instead, The State of Play focused its attention on Deathloop, a PlayStation exclusive from Xbox Game Studios that Arkane is creating.

The Ghostwire: Tokyo delay will also have an influence on when the game will be released on Xbox platforms. While specifics are unknown, the Ghostwire: Tokyo PS5 exclusivity contract is expected to extend a year, implying that the game will not be released on Xbox until 2023 at the earliest. Those expecting to play Ghostwire: Tokyo when it eventually makes its way to the Xbox Game Pass program will have to wait a long time.

In the meanwhile, fans should be able to anticipate the release of Ghostwire: Tokyo as soon as possible. Another PlayStation event is expected to take place next month, so it’s possible it’ll make an appearance there. It may even make an appearance at Gamescom, the Tokyo Game Show, or perhaps The Game Awards at the end of the year. Whatever the situation may be, fans should keep a look out for further details.

Christian Allen Tandoc
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