New Cooking Simulator Godlike Burger Allows You To Murder Customers

Working in an industry where you have to face customers is not easy; you have to take everything in with a smile, no matter how tired or frustrated you may already be. Fortunately, a new game has been announced that will finally let you show customers what you truly feel deep inside.

Godlike Burger is not your average cooking simulator—not only can you cook and serve the orders of your customers, you can straight up murder them too! Developed by Liquid Pug and published by Daedalic Entertainment, the indie title is all about a hopeful chef who simply wants to create the most bizarre yet delicious burgers in the whole galaxy.

The restaurant itself is more of a flying spaceship, and you travel across different planets trying to garner fame and recognition with each one. As you become more well-known, more and more aliens will want to visit the flying restaurant in order to try out your yummy burgers.

It sounds like a normal cooking game, right? Well, here’s the catch: the ingredients of the burgers you serve are comprised of the aliens you serve them to. Similar to intense cooking games like Overcooked, Godlike Burger has you serving and managing a variety of customers every day. Each one has their own preferences, such as what kind of ingredients they want and how they like their burger cooked.

After they’re done with their food, however, you have to decide whether you want to let them leave your restaurant or kill them and make use of their alien bodies as a supply for your next batch. Now, if you do decide to murder the customer, there are different ways you can do so.

One way goes the more classic route, where you simply hack at the body with your cleaver. If you want to challenge yourself, though, you can come up with strategies that will lure your target into traps. For instance, you can discreetly slip in some laxatives into your target’s meal, so that once they head over to the restroom, a boobytrap of some kind will silently take them out for you.


Once the day is over and all the customers are either out of commission or have already left for home, you can proceed to managing the business aspect of your restaurant. You can prepare “sauces,” for example, restock on necessary ingredients, or perhaps upgrade your traps and kitchen appliances.

A demo for Godlike Burger is already available on Steam, so definitely check it out if you’re interested. The Steam Game festival 2021 is currently ongoing, which features interesting events and demos for a myriad of video games, and developer Liquid Pug is actually one of the many developers taking part in the event.

The demo for the upcoming title is only available for PC via Steam right now, but the full game is expected to launch some time this year, perhaps by Q2. And who knows? If Godlike Burger does well enough, it could extend to other platforms in the future.

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