GTA Online Players Disappointed As Developer Forgets Game’s 7th Anniversary

Rockstar Games looks like it has totally forgotten Grand Theft Auto Online’s seventh anniversary and players are calling out the studio for it.

Players are devastated that Rockstar Games looks to have forgotten the seventh anniversary of its famous online game Grand Theft Auto Online. The game is the online counterpart of the developer studio’s endeared Grand Theft Auto V which took the gaming world by storm when it was released in 2013. Grand Theft Auto V still remains the second best-selling video game of all time up to this day.

GTA Online is not quite as popular as its single-player equivalent but the game still had massive success in its own right. It was an astonishingly dissenting experience at release as many players encountered troublesome technical issues.

Even when the game worked well, players found the content was insufficient, though others admired the open-world functionality of the game. Long-running post-launch support enhanced the game’s elements ever since it was released, and even after seven years of existence, it still has a massive fan following.

Unfortunately, it seems like fans might love the game more than the developers does. Grand Theft Auto Online celebrated its seventh anniversary last October 1. However, while players showed up to remember the occasion, Rockstar Games did nothing.

This led to a really angry Reddit thread with one meme made by user Captainvideoblaster blaming the studio for tending more about their profits rather than thinking about their online community. The hate is understandable because of the developer’s latest announcement that Grand Theft Auto V will be coming to next-gen consoles instead of the sequel everyone has been waiting for.

R* today from gtaonline

This decision has raised more than a few eyebrows and it is a legitimate explanation as to why the developers may have forgotten Grand Theft Auto Online’s anniversary. With Rockstar Games’ minds set on the next-gen games, it totally makes sense that the current-gen games might get neglected.

This is not the first time online fans have felt unappreciated by Rockstar Games. A few months ago, Red Dead Online players felt so abandoned that they dressed up like clowns in a haunting virtual protest. The online protest might have worked since Rockstar updated the game with a new Naturalist player role before the month of protest ended. Along with these content scarcity and regular technical problems plaguing both games, it’s not difficult to see why players are angry with the developers.

Rockstar Games definitely deserves a legendary status in the gaming industry, giving us a few high-quality games. It’s almost impossible to believe that a developer this big can make these mistakes but unfortunately, nobody is perfect.

The carelessness of Grand Theft Auto Online is a huge disappointment for players who have been playing the game for the past seven years. Hopefully, Rockstar Games will make it up to them soon.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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