New Valorant Map Revealed

For the past few days, Riot Games has been teasing fans with posts implying that something cold or related to ice was making its way to the popular first-person shooter Valorant.

Many fans took this as a sign that a new map was going to be added to the game and that it was going to be set somewhere that has a lot of ice. They were right, of course. Just today, Riot confirmed to the fans that a new map will be included in Valorant and it will be called “Icebox.” This new map is set to arrive with the forthcoming Episode 1, Act 3 update.

The end of Valorant’s Episode 1, Act 2 is almost upon us. In fact, the conclusion for the second Act will take place this upcoming October 13. Once Act 2 ends, the Act 3 update will immediately be launched, bringing with it numerous changes to the game’s ranked mode.

In addition to the newly-announced Icebox map, you’ll be seeing a new battle pass and possibly a new Agent as well.

Riot Games revealed the new map through a short teaser trailer. Given the arena’s name, Icebox will be set in a place that’s completely covered in ice. From what we can see, it appears that players will be able to battle it out from inside and outside of an iced-over dockyard.

As the trailer pans around the map to give us a good look at the area, we can see that there are enormous ship containers spread throughout the place. Wrecked ships are also present, as they are frozen solid into place.

Icebox is similar to Split in a way that it has a lot of ropes scattered around. That being said, fans were taken by surprise that Riot is releasing a map this early. When Valorant was released, executive producer Anna Donlon said that the studio only plans to release a new map every Episode and not every Act.

As such, it would make more sense if Riot released Icebox during Episode 2, which is supposed to take place after Episode 1, Act 3. On the other hand, Donlon did say that it’s possible that Riot would stray from the original plan, but we’re still surprised that they would deviate so early in the game’s life.



In any case, this unexpected map reveal comes as a pleasant surprise. At this point, it’s highly unlikely that fans would complain about a new map when they’ve been requesting for new ones for quite some time now.

The arrival of Icebox means that Valorant would have five maps now. At least this time, the new map will add a breath of fresh air to the game, especially for those who have gotten tired of the same, repeating maps.

We don’t know yet if Icebox will be released on the same day as Act 3, but if we base on Riot’s previous actions, the Ascent map was released around the same time as Episode 1 Act 1. In other words, it’s definitely possible for them to do the same with Icebox.

Act 3 will go live by next week and Valorant fans are definitely looking forward to all the new content that Riot has planned.

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