PS5 Release Date Revealed for Co-op RPG ‘Haven’

According to a recent PlayStation Blog post by Emeric Thoa, the creative director for developer and publisher The Game Bakers, the interactive co-op RPG entitled Haven finally has a release date for the PlayStation 5.

Excited fans can now mark December 3, 2020 on their calendars, as this will be the release date for the PS5, while the PS4 players will be able to experience the game some time in early 2021.

Among other things, Thoa also revealed how the co-op mechanics of Haven will work, and from what we’ve learned, everything looks seamless. According to the blog post, the developer initially planned for Haven to be a single-player title.

However, The Game Bakers just couldn’t help including a co-op system in the game, especially since it’s all about two characters who are in love with one another. That being said, you can either play Haven alone or with a friend or significant other.


The post also further delves into the developer’s process and how it was able to create a game with a relaxing and enjoyable multiplayer system, which is the complete opposite of Furi, The Game Bakers’ fast-paced action title.

That being said, we still don’t know when Haven will be released on the other consoles, since the PlayStation Blog post understandably only mentioned the PS5.

One of the many cool things about Haven is how seamless its co-op is i.e. you can drop in and out of co-op mode easily and at any time. This can be best seen in a short clip that was included in Thoa’s post, wherein you or another person can easily activate co-op mode just by pressing any button on a second controller.

In other words, there’s no need to pause the game just to set things up for the second player. Similarly, the second player can opt-out of the game just as quickly, allowing the first player to take control of both characters once more via singleplayer mode.

This kind of smooth transition will surely do wonders to keep Haven as immersive as possible for those who are playing the game together. That being said, there’s a slew of other cool features in the game’s co-op mode as well.


For instance, another feature in Haven’s co-op mode that has caught our attention is the way the dialogue options are managed. Instead of making the second player feel like an unimportant bystander as the first player makes all the decisions, Haven requires both players to agree on which answer to choose before they can progress.

According to the game’s developers, this feature allowed players to really converse with one another during playtesting, as they debated over which option to choose. Haven also has a couple of co-op combat features that will surely make playing the game interesting for both players.

In any case, fans are more than excited to experience Haven either as a team or solo, especially since the PS5 version is set to release in about 5 weeks. Sadly, the PS4 release doesn’t have a set date just yet, but it’s supposed to be released early next year.

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