You’ve put in all your efforts to make your email marketing strategy successful, but does it get reflected in your ROI? If your efforts do not match your expectations, you are in urgent need of a course correction. As a matter of fact, the ROI benchmark for email marketing is 4400%, and you can be optimistic about achieving even higher results provided your email marketing strategy works optimally. Let me share my two cents from the experience I gained while working with organizations of different sizes hailing from different sectors working at a leading email marketing agency. These tips will help you refine your email marketing strategy and get better results. Let’s begin:

#1 Your Email List Building Method Might Be Flawed

Firstly, you need to revisit the blueprint of your buyer’s persona. The chances are that you might not have identified the correct parameters like their buying preferences, demographics, and psychographics. You also might need to have a look if you are targeting your audience on the right platform. If not, then that needs to be corrected. Next, you need to check that you are using the right marketing material that appeals to your target audience. Also, you need to carry out lead qualification analysis.

#2 Your Email List Might Not Be Properly Segmented And Sanitized

Once you are through the first point, next, you need to validate if your email list is segmented correctly. Check if your automation workflows aren’t causing errors to your list segments. Next, you need to see if you are making enough efforts to keep your email list hygienic. As your email list grows with time, plenty of unsafe (duplicate, disposable, invalid, or incorrect) email addresses gets added to it regularly. These unsafe addresses cause bounce backs, leading to ESPs categorizing your messages as spam and negatively affecting your sender’s reputation.

#3 Your IP Reputation Might Have Been Compromised

Next, you need to see if you are consistently facing large-scale deliverability problems. If you are facing such an issue, then it is quite possible that your IP reputation is damaged; You can verify this by using this email checker and list cleaning tool. Once you understand the harm caused, you need to analyze whether the same IP address can be revived or not. If it is revivable, take immediate remedial measures, which mostly comprise IP warming. If your IP reputation is severely compromised, the only way out is to start afresh with a new IP address. Here, it is advisable to determine the causes of why your IP reputation had been damaged significantly and work out a routine to resolve those issues before it leads to the same problem once again.

#4 Your Email Subject Lines Might Not Be Clickworthy

If your email is not receiving adequate engagement, then you might need to work on your subject lines. Let us make a to-do list:

  • Personalize the subject line. Your subscribers 26% more likely to open your email when the subject line is personalized
  • Make sure you are adhering to the sixty-character limit best practice while writing your subject line.
  • Do not use spammy words like “free,” and “you have won a lottery.”
  • Ensure that you are using preheader text. Ideally, limit yourself to 40 characters but avoid beyond 130 characters.

#5 Your Email Template Might Need To Be Redesigned

When findings indicate that your conversion rate is poor, then it is time for you to redesign your HTML email templates. So, let’s begin:

  • Maintain full consistency of your branding elements. Your company logo, color palette, and fonts represent your brand image, and any inconsistency can lead to your subscribers thinking that your message is fraudulent.
  • You need to follow visual hierarchy principles and accommodate all the elements in such a way that it makes your email easy to read.
  • For CTA buttons, Use appealing color palettes, color contrast, font size, and CTA button size; to your advantage, 47.9 pixels is an ideal size for the CTA button that will make the CTA button clearly distinguishable and highlighted
  • When trying to say a lot in limited space, you end up getting a cluttered and confusing email. You need to balance the use of whitespace and content blocks. Check out these professional email examples and see if you get inspired.

#6 Your Approach To Personalization Might Not Be Working

Personalization is another area where plenty of email marketing mistakes are made. Check if you are correlating buyers’ persona, lead qualification, and subscribers properly. Also, make sure that your mailing list is not outdated. It must reflect updates in subscribers’ preferences, demographics, and behavioral changes. Many clients at our email marketing company got excellent results through these simple efforts as they make a cascading impact on overall strategy. With ESPs like Marketo, you can use multilevel automation

#7 You Might Be Sending Email At Wrong Time

Email sending time and frequency also affect your campaign success vastly. Although every subscriber and business is unique, Tuesday to Thursday is the best period of the week, while 10 AM to 4 PM is the most appropriate time to schedule your email campaigns. Remember, your subscribers might be receiving 126 emails on a daily basis, so it is necessary that you reach out to them at the right time.

Summing Up

We have discussed most of the probable reasons that contribute to not-so-good results in email marketing. However, if you are hardly getting any results, you should work on the tips mentioned above instead of scraping your current efforts entirely. Every email marketing agency approaches projects so you now got the insider intel! I hope this article helps you make your email marketing campaigns work.