Gaming is our best friend who is always there when we want to escape reality for a while. And if you are a gamer, there’s nothing better than transforming your room into a gaming haven. If you are having a hard time where to start, then seeing you in this article is no accident.

Today, we are going to talk about how to create your own gaming room at your home. So sit back, relax, grab your notes, and get ready for the extreme gaming makeover you don’t want to miss.

Start With the Color Accents

First and foremost, you need to determine what color accents you want to splash your gaming room. You can choose a wide variety of colors to spice up your gaming room. Whether you want it to be multicolored by implementing RGB hues, or simple single-colored ones for a more simplified look.

And this is where the power of lighting comes into play. There are several ways that you can utilize lighting. You have colored lamp shades, LED strip lights, or patterned night lights. So make sure to buy each of these and place them as you see fit to achieve your chosen color accents.

Figurines Galore

Nothing screams “I’m a gamer” without your favorite gaming icons being displayed in your room. With a plethora of gaming companies selling official merch for their games, and this includes gaming figurines.

So if you have the money, then go get them so you have something to display on your table or shelf.

Alternatively, you can also create figurines on your own. Either you can design from scratch using 3D printing or via plastic injection molding. If you prefer the latter, make sure to find a reliable plastic injection mold factory to help you generate molds for your artwork.

Rack of Fame

Want to show off your PlayStation or Xbox game collection? Then arrange them into a rack near your console. But the fun part begins in choosing your preferred rack. I highly recommend a wall-mounted rack since it gives you plenty of space for your floor.

There’s nothing better than seeing your game collection neatly arranged that adds to the aesthetic of your gaming room. Not only that but having them arranged also lets you find what game you want to play quickly.

Placement Matters

The placement of your gaming PC setup and console matters. It’s better to place them a bit close together so you can switch anytime with ease from PC to console gaming. And this not only applies to your gaming devices but also its peripherals too.

Such peripherals include gaming headsets, Virtual Reality headgear, and studio-quality microphones just to make a few. Ensure that these pieces of equipment are arranged and placed neatly as well.

Give Your Rig an Overhaul Too

If you have a PC, then take it up a notch by giving its internal their much-needed upgrade. Games nowadays are very demanding when it comes to specs. So if you are still struggling with a potato PC, there’s no better time for an upgrade than now.

And of course, a gaming PC will never be complete without RGB lighting. Most PC internals nowadays comes with an RGB lighting variant. Such an example are fans, RAM, and even the CPU cooler too.

Consoles’ hardware is already fixed and you have no option to replace it. But you can still spruce up the aesthetics of its peripherals. Xbox, for example, has a dedicated design lab where you can choose your own controller color and design.

Playstation, on the other hand, doesn’t have a design lab. Instead, Sony has partnered with brands to create licensed peripherals for PS4 controllers and headsets. This includes Razr and Nacon just to name a few.

Gaming Desks are a Thing

If you happen to live under a rock, then you should know that gaming desks exist. What sets these gaming desks apart from traditional ones is the extra functionalities. Gaming desks have RGB lighting, as well as dedicated hangers for your peripherals.

Such gaming desks are also ergonomically designed to complement gaming design accents. That’s why most gaming desks look sophisticated and unique design-wise. If you take a look at gaming desks in your local mall or online, you will see how eye-candy they are when it comes to aesthetics.

Extra Decor for Added Detail

For the finishing touches, let’s dive into the extra decor. Now that your gaming room is almost complete, let’s spruce it up a bit with decorations. Fill the walls with posters of your favorite game, add a lava lamp for your gaming desk, and replace your boring curtains with ones that have a gaming design on them.

If your gaming room is also your bedroom, replace your sheets and pillows with color hues that match the room’s entirety. You can also put another lava lamp on your bedside table too for extra detail. Once done, you will definitely gasp in awe at how beautiful your gaming room is.


Congratulations! You now have your own gaming room at the heart of your home. Having such a room will take your gaming experience to the next level.

Do keep in mind that there is no limit to building your gaming room. So if you have your own crafty ideas on how to design a gaming room, feel free to discuss them in the comments below.