For the past few weeks, content creators who stream on Twitch have been going through an especially difficult time. Just recently, Twitch streamers received an email from the platform stating that they have been given one or two takedown notices from the DMCA.

However, the platform failed to inform the streamers as to which video violated the copyright law. As a result, many upset streamers had to go through each and every one of their videos to delete everything in order to avoid any future violations.

Emmett Shear, the CEO of Twitch, has since apologized for the way they handled the DMCA notices. He also assured users that at the moment, Twitch is working on several improvements that will benefit the content creators.

Despite this promise, however, some streamers are still uneasy and hesitant to include music or sound in general during their streams. This includes the audio of the game they’re streaming.


Fortunately, Harmonix has provided streamers a few guidelines on how to play and stream its new rhythm game Fuser without having to worry about DMCA takedown notices. If you’re a streamer who wants to live your DJ dreams by playing Fuser, then you should definitely check out and follow Harmonix’s advice.

According to the developer, you need to ensure that you won’t monetize the stream or video in any way if you wish to avoid a DMCA notice. In other words, you’re not allowed to accept donations, bits, run ads, and other similar forms of monetization while streaming Fuser.

In addition to that, you’re also not allowed to include overlays in your video or stream that suggest to viewers that they should participate in any form of monetization. There’s more: if you wish to stream Fuser with no issues whatsoever, then you also can’t do any co-branding or cross-promotion with other brands while playing the game.

Although, it’s completely fine if you mention what platform you’re playing the game on and if you ask viewers to follow your channel.

That being said, not all hope is lost. As revealed by Harmonix on its website, there’s a couple of selected songs that can be considered as exceptions to the rule. If you only play the listed songs during your stream or video content, then you can go ahead and monetize it.


Without a doubt, it’s definitely great that there’s some kind of loophole that ensures streamers and other content creators won’t violate any copyright laws when playing Fuser. However, these rules appear to be too strict and restrictive.

As we know by now, many content creators who stream on Twitch utilize the platform in order to earn a living. As such, we highly doubt that streamers will be playing Fuser at all if they want to earn any money.

While it’s definitely good news that Harmonix has provided this information and Fuser has been well-received by players and critics, it probably won’t be as popular on Twitch.

If you’re interested in playing the game outside of streaming though, Fuser is currently available to play on the PS4, PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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