The popular webtoon “Terror Man” has hooked audiences from around the world. Now, this hit webtoon is heading for television, as it is confirmed to get its very own anime adaptation. 

Not long ago, the team behind YLAB Studio, the studio in charge of “Terror Man,” confirmed the webtoon is ready to be turned into an anime series. Studio Bazooka, together with Dr. Movie, will build the adaptation. Details are also shared on the Twitter account of @MangaMoguraRE.

If this is the first time you have heard about “Terror Man,” it is actually a manhwa – a Korean term for comics and print cartoons, greatly influenced by Japanese manga – hailing from South Korea, from the creators Go Jin-Ho and Han Dong-Woo. Published on Webtoon, the complete series comprises more than 200 chapters and features a rather wild premise that Chainsaw Man fans will truly appreciate. 

“Terror Man” is about a young man named Jungwoo Min who has this unique ability that lets him see each time a path leads to a bleak future. Specifically, this power of his allows him to know whenever an action or decision will lead to a terrible feature. Jungwoo uses this power to spot these moments and stop if there is an awful future ahead. However, his actions end up with him being labeled as a terrorist. This makes Jungwoo unhappy, so his ire against the world only grows despite his capability to save lives. 

Experts are saying that “Terror Man,” with its very own anime coming soon, has the potential to be like other hit animes such as “Psycho-Pass,” especially with the darkness in its story that only keeps fans hooked. The only question, according to them, is whether the “Terror Man” webtoon will be done justice on television. 

Nevertheless, so far, several manhwas have been adapted for TV, and Korean webtoons are also dominating the anime world more than ever before. It may be a hit. It may be a miss.

Also, this adaptation of “Terror Man” is an addition to the many webtoon series that will be translated into anime. Not so long ago, reports said the South Korean web novel “Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady with the Lamp” is getting its own anime. Moreover, the anime adaptation of “Solo Leveling” is also in the works, and another season of “Tower of God” is currently being animated. These are big webcomics in South Korea, and the fans’ excitement to see them hit the small screen is an understatement. 

Hopefully, the “Terror Man” anime will also be successful like the other manhwas that got their anime adaptations.

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