Hitman 3 Receives Most Successful Digital Launch In Series History

Hitman 3 by IO Interactive released last January 30, bringing fans the much-anticipated finale to its World of Assassination trilogy. While Hitman 3 has undergone server problems, it appears those came as a result of the high traffic amassed by the game’s huge success, as this was the biggest digital launch in the series’ history according to the developers.

This latest installment in the famous stealth-based franchise narrating the assassination attempts of Agent 47 across the world has been critically acclaimed by fans and critics despite its technical problems, and already a decent fan base is building up around the title.

One player has already completed a speedrun of Hitman 3’s first stage, and famous streamer Dr. Disrespect went so far as to sport a bald cap when he started playing in unity with the titular barcoded hitman.

The sales success of Hitman 3 thus far, as well as a compilation of its good review scores, was posted on the official Twitter account of developer IO Interactive a few hours ago. However, the developer didn’t indicate how much the title has sold since its release but it’s safe to say that if the numbers are as high as the tweet implies, it will likely be paraded out sometime in the near future to help market the game.

Though this is a great reason for the Danish video game developer to celebrate, IO Interactive still has a big amount of work ahead of it addressing the problems players have been encountering. The abovementioned crashing servers have caused other issues such as players having a hard time transferring their Hitman 1 and Hitman 2 progressions into Hitman 3.

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With this said, may are still having fun with their assassination simulator. It has a swarm of specially designed stages each drizzling with atmosphere, including a murder mystery inside an old Victorian mansion, and there are decent chances for players to kill their targets in various ways. Hitman 3 on the Google Stadia also comes with a brand new feature called State Share that lets players give anyone who doesn’t own the game an opportunity to try out bits of the experience.

Overall, the finale of the trilogy which started back in 2016 has apparently been worth the wait, and no doubt fans will get their money’s worth out of replaying levels to see various changes of gameplay. Whether or not IO Interactive continues to add onto the title with expansions going forward will have to be seen.

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