Hitman 3 Releases Exhilarating Launch Trailer

At this point, it’s safe to say that this third and final entry in the Hitman franchise is turning out to be the biggest game by IO Interactive so far. Not only will it introduce six brand-new maps for players to explore, but Hitman 3 more or less acts like a hub where long-time fans can find content from the previous titles.

Since Hitman 3’s release date is almost upon us—January 20—fans have been dying to find out what the developer has been working on for the last 2 years since it released the second Hitman game. Fortunately, the studio just dropped a new launch trailer in celebration of the upcoming release, and it gives fans a good idea of what to expect.

The launch trailer highlights Agent 47, as he brutally kills off various targets. Asides from the gripping action, the trailer also showcases the latest venture of the iconic assassin, with several scenes featuring familiar characters who were initially introduced in past titles.

With a dramatic song in the background that would fit right in a James Bond movie, the launch trailer begins by showing off different locations that players will be able to visit in Hitman 3, such as the Mendoza map and its vineyards, the classic English manor of Dartmoor, and a nightclub in Berlin.

Of course, given as it’s a Hitman game, there will be more to these different levels than just set dressing. For instance, there are scenes in the trailer where Agent 47 goes in for the kill with the help of his environment. There’s one part where he basically drowns one of his targets in a toilet, while another scene shows the assassin shoving a guard off a balcony terrace.

As for its narrative, it appears that Hitman 3 will continue the plot that was set out in the previous title. For this third iteration, Agent 47 forms a partnership with Lucas Grey, his former enemy. The launch trailer showcases the duo teaming up on different missions—one scene even features both of them base jumping right into the Dubai hotel, which is an area that has been shown multiple times via the different previews for the upcoming game.


On the other hand, a staple character from the previous titles will also be present in Hitman 3. More specifically, one scene has Agent 47 seemingly searching for Diana, who is one of the “handlers” at the Agency. From what we can tell, Diana will most likely show up in person during the Mendoza segment of Hitman 3, as there’s a scene in the trailer where she’s at a balcony looking over the beautiful vineyard.

Overall, it’s clear to see that IO Interactive is working on its biggest title yet. Although, the upcoming release of Hitman 3 is bittersweet, as it probably won’t be awhile until fans will see Agent 47 in action again. As soon as the development for Hitman 3 officially ends, the studio will immediately start working on a brand-new James Bond game called Project 007. As such, this will probably take up all of the studio’s time and effort.

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