Horizon Forbidden West Will Have Costumes With Unique Abilities

Even if Horizon Forbidden West won’t be released until 2022, Guerrilla Games intends to keep revealing secrets about the highly anticipated PlayStation exclusive until then. Expected feature reveals, such as Horizon Forbidden West’s new locale, are included, as well as unexpected alterations or additions. The most recent example could have a significant impact on how Horizon Forbidden West is played, as Guerrilla has announced that skills will be attached to Aloy’s outfits in the game.

Guerrilla Community Lead Bo de Vries presents the update without giving too much away in a lengthy post on the official PlayStation Blog. In Horizon Forbidden West, players will be able to dress heroine Aloy in a variety of clothes, similar to Horizon Zero Dawn. Outfits in Horizon Forbidden West, on the other hand, will have “skills,” according to Guerrilla. These powers will help Aloy in a variety of ways.


Furthermore, according to de Vries, players in Horizon Forbidden West will be able to “maximize” their talents as they go. This is accomplished using a “new and enhanced Skill Tree,” which de Vries chooses not to go into detail about at this time. Prowler, Brave, Forager, and Traveler are the four parts of the Horizon Zero Dawn Skills Tree (introduced in The Frozen Wilds expansion). Earning Skill Points by defeating foes and completing quests/activities allows you to obtain new skills.

De Vries’ description certainly leaves a lot to the imagination. On the one hand, they affirm that, like the original game, Horizon Forbidden West will include a Skill Tree. On the other hand, it’s unclear what Guerrilla means when he says that clothes have linked talents that can increase abilities.

It might, for example, imply that particular outfits open whole new powers unrelated to the Skill Tree’s talents, or that skills from the Skill Tree are changed to be more powerful or useful.


Regardless of how outfit skills function, it’s a far more interesting system than Horizon Zero Dawn’s on paper. Horizon Zero Dawn clothing came with a variety of resistances, including ranged and melee attack defenses, as well as fire, ice, shock, and corruption resistances.

The stealth of a player is also influenced by their attire. Horizon Forbidden West’s costumes may contain these attributes in addition to their talents, although skills appear to be a far more complicated mechanism.

It only goes to show that Guerrilla is reevaluating several of Horizon Zero Dawn’s gameplay features for the development of its sequel. It’ll be interesting to see what else Guerrilla is doing to make Horizon Forbidden West a more engaging and involved game.

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