How to 1-click clone your old Android phone to new Android without losing any data?

Today, there are plenty of ways to transfer pictures from phone to phone or to carry out the trick SMS transfer. Cloning is one such process that you can use to transfer resources from your old phone to new phone without losing important data.

Mobile phone cloning is a process in which secured data from one smartphone is transferred to another phone. The new cell phone contains exact data that the old phone holds. It is one of the popular ways of transferring data from Android to Android without going through a prolonged process. It can back up the entire phone and copy certain key identifiers of the old phone.

If you have purchased a new phone, you might have to do a lot of data transferring before you can actually enjoy your new smartphone. Transferring data from Android to Android is truly a tedious task. However, by using an Android clone app, you can easily transfer all the important data from Android to Android in no time.

There are a plethora of cloning apps available in the market today that you can use to transfer SMS, photos, videos, etc., from Android to android phones.

Following are some of the best android cloning app that you can use to transfer files from old phones to new phones –


It is an ideal app if you are looking to transfer data in an easy and secure manner. This one tool is all you need to transfer any data on your old phone to your new phone. From photos, music, videos, to contacts, messages, and notes, you can basically transfer anything that you want without much hassle. Moreover, it is compatible with almost every leading smartphone brands, so you don’t have to worry about its compatibility as well. To transfer data from Android to Android follow the below steps –

  • Download the dr.fone app. Switch on your PC prior to changing your phones. Subsequently, you can connect both your Android devices to your system and launch dr.fone toolkit.
  • Select the Switch button to identify the dedicated interface.
  • The app will automatically identify the connected device as a source and destination device.
  • Now you can select the data that you want to transfer and select the Start Transfer button.

App Cloner 

 App Cloner is a popular multi-account app that lets your clone data from Android to Android. To transfer data using this app –

  • You have to download the app on both your phones.
  • Pair both the devices together to begin the transfer process.
  • Select the apps and files you wish to transfer and start the cloning process.

Clone Via Google Drive 

People use Google Driver to store their data on the cloud safely. While Google Drive is capable of transferring data wirelessly, it tends to consume a considerable amount of data. Moreover, the whole process takes a lot of time, as well. However, you can clone your data from Android to Android via Drive through these steps –

  • On your old phone, go to settings and then click on Backup and Reset.
  • While backing up, ensure that you are transferring the data to the account you want.
  • Once the backup is complete, you can sign in with your Google account on your new phone and set it up.
  • Once you have signed in, your new Android will automatically sync and backup the files you desire.

Phone Clone

Phone Clone is a product designed by a leading android brand Huawei. It allows you to transfer data from one device to another without needing any cables. Phone Clone has a wide range of cloning option, and it user-friendly and fast to use. To clone your data using Phone Clone –

  • Download and open the Phone Clone app on both the devices.
  • Mark the new phone as a receiver in order to turn your device into a wifi hotspot.
  • Likewise, mark your old phone as the sender so that it can start looking for wifi networks.
  • Connect the devices and authenticate the password.
  • Post confirming a secured location, select the data that you wish to transfer and click on the tap button
  • All the data you want will be wirelessly transferred on your new phone within a matter of a few minutes.

There you have it, some of the excellent cloning tool that allows you to transfer a wide range of files from Android to Android. dr.fone is amongst the versatile apps that allow you to transfer data from iOS to Android as well. These cloning apps enable you to transfer a large volume of files easily without consuming substantial mobile data.

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