At times, the default browser that comes with the standard OS is often not up to par and an after-market browser is an answer for many people. But with hundreds of browsers out there on the market, users have found their sweet spot in the shape of the Puffin Browser. In case you aren’t familiar, Puffin Browser is one of the widely used browsers around the world and also one of the fastest.

Till now, over 150 million users have downloaded and been regularly using the Puffin browser for their daily needs and they seem to be quite pleased with the performance and the feature set that Puffin Browser has to offer. With options for acquiring more add-ons to installing the plug-ins you desire, everything is available with Puffin Browser.

One of the most promising features of Puffin Browser is its ‘Trackpad’ function that allows you to easily navigate the browser without making any unnecessary clicks. Unlike other browsers where a slight touch of hand could send you down the wrong links, the Trackpad feature of Puffin Browser allows you to easily navigate and saves you a ton of headaches.

How to Download Puffin Browser on PC

The sophisticated features of Puffin Browser make it appealing to audiences from all over the world and although it is naturally available for Android and iOS devices, users that crave a user-friendly experience that Puffin Browser has to offer on PC, however, must take an extra few steps to run Puffin Browser on their PC.

Luckily, PC users can install Android Emulators to run Android apps on their PC, and likewise, to run Puffin Browser on PC, users will have to download and install an Android Emulator. Currently, there are more than a handful of Android Emulators available on PC but, out of all of them, BlueStacks is one of the most regarded and one of the best Android Emulators that you can come across.

Using BlueStacks, PC users will get access to Android OS and from there; they can easily download Puffin Browser. To get started, firstly download and install BlueStacks from their official website and set it up using your Gmail ID. Setting up BlueStacks is quite similar to setting up a new Android phone and once you’re done, you can go ahead and download Puffin Browser to run on your PC.

Those who were wondering how to download Puffin browser on Windows will now be easily able to download Puffin Browser and get exclusive features that this browser has to offer.

How To Install Puffin Browser on PC (Windows 10/8/7 and Mac OS) - Windows  10 Free Apps | Windows 10 Free Apps

Can you install Grammarly extensions in Puffin Browser?

For someone who makes a lot of grammatical mistakes, Grammarly is a life-saver extension that they wouldn’t want to be without. And its extensions for various browsers have made it easy to use but unfortunately, Grammarly does not support Puffin Browser for the time being but in the near future, we could hear more from the developers.

Furthermore, all the chrome extensions that you usually only get on Google Chrome aren’t available for Puffin Browser either but, its add-on feature allows you to get access to a wide spectrum of capabilities that you cannot find elsewhere.

Is Puffin Browser Safe?

Privacy is one of the biggest concerns that a person has while they’re surfing the internet and enjoying those celebrity-fail videos. And if a browser isn’t safe enough to offer you the privacy that you deserve, there’s no point in using it. However, Puffin Browser goes to great lengths to offer an encrypted surfing experience, straying away from all sorts of peeking-toms that may want to use your information for all the wrong reasons.


For a safe and secure browsing experience, Puffin Browser is highly recommended and because it also offers cloud storage services under subscription-based plans, users can also store data in the cloud and also get access to tons of useful tools as well. Looking for a fast browser that won’t keep popping up annoying pop-up ads? Puffin Browser is the answer.

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