How to Get Zarude in Pokemon Sword and Shield For Players Located Outside Japan

The mythical Pokemon Zarude will soon be available for players outside Japan and getting it to Pokemon Sword and Shield is fairly easy. Zarude is one of the newest mythical Pokemon included in the eighth generation and has the same typing as Shiftry, being grass/dark.

The baboon Pokemon was recently only available within Japan via movie tickets for the new Pokemon movie titled Pokemon: Secrets of the Jungle. Zarude was first introduced last February and was distributed to fans in the summer exclusively in the country, but only now it is finally being released worldwide.

Pokemon has frequently locked particular monsters to real-world events just like this, and while they’re not typically difficult to obtain once released to western countries, it can still be regarded as a bit annoying to receive exclusive Pokemon in this manner. In addition, these event distributions used to include going to particular areas to capture these mythical Pokemon through gen 3 to gen 5, though one of these events never got officially launched.

The Pokemon Company has revealed its plans on how fans will be able to obtain Zarude in Pokemon Sword and Shield. In the United States, all trainers need to do is sign up to get Pokemon Trainer Club email notifications before November 20.

If players did sign up before this date, they will get an email containing an exclusive code containing the mythical Pokemon Zarude on December 11 which they can input in the game to receive the monster. The Zarude fans will get will be at level 60 and will have the moves: Snarl, Swagger, Power Whip, and Close Combat.

Zarude will also come with a powerful signature move called Jungle Healing which lets the Pokemon heal itself and its ally Pokemon by 25% of their max HP as well as cure all status conditions they might have. This means Zarude will be an essential teammate to have especially in double or multi battles as he can provide decent self-sustainability while dishing out powerful moves. Needless to say, Zarude will be a powerful force in any team composition, defensively and offensively.

It is not likely that this kind of Pokemon distribution will stop any time soon. Some have condemned these distributions for being informal and not providing the same sense of excitement as going to a particular area in the game to capture a legendary Pokemon.

Nonetheless, it won’t be long before this Japan-exclusive Pokemon will be available to every Pokemon fan across the globe. Soon enough, Zarude will become a priceless asset in Pokemon Sword and Shield fans in both the campaign and in competitive arenas.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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