Everyone loves to play shooters or RPGs for hours, making unprecedented progress, and everyone fears to lose it. Therefore, when such a misfortune does happen, we often look for someone who is able to recover deleted files on Windows 10 as quickly as possible. At the same time, it is important to save all its files and resources. But it is not always easy to cope with such a problem.

In this review, you will receive valuable information on the topic. You will learn what the concept of restoring the game means, why recovery can be difficult, and what effective ways to restore files in Windows 8 are widely applied today.

Recover Deleted Game Saves: What Does It Mean?

Restoring a game on a computer means not only the process of returning installers but the process of returning the following important data about the game:

  • Files for starting and running the game itself;
  • Game Saves;
  • Installed settings;
  • Data profiles;
  • License (entered a key or cracked files);
  • Its resources and drivers.

In fact, you will receive the game in a “before deletion” state. That is, a familiar shortcut will remain on the desktop. Just click on it and review your all achievements and progress. Of course, the probability of a positive outcome is not one hundred percent. Some files can be simply overwritten, as a result of which they disappear from memory forever. To avoid this, experts recommend not using your computer after uninstalling it.

What Causes the Difficulty of Restoring the Game Saves?

Of course, not everyone can restore a game on a PC, since this is considered a non-trivial task. The reason for these difficulties is quite commonplace: as a rule, any program “scatters” its files across all directories and partitions of the hard disk.

The configuration and saves are usually located in the system partition, and the files for launching are in another. The necessary drivers and additional software are in the third place, launching their roots into the system. As a result, it is often necessary to review and analyze the entire hard drive in order to recover deleted game files.

Re-licensing also has its own complications. If you bought a disc and activated your copy using a key, it will already be considered used. Therefore, in order to restore a game that an inexperienced user deleted from a computer, it is important to restore the license as well. You will need to find the crack in the network if it is deleted permanently.

Methods of Recovering the Deleted Game on a Computer

There are several effective ways that you can apply in order to recover deleted game saves. Below we will tell you about the 3 most commonly used methods.

Method 1 – Recovering Files from Trash

Thus, let’s imagine you have a problem with a game: you accidentally deleted it. All you need now is to restore it as quickly as possible while preserving the integrity of all the savings. The success of your actions depends on how the deletion was carried out. If the folder was just moved to the trash, then you’re in luck.

Just open the trash can on your desktop, and then select the folder with the game you deleted. To restore it, press the appropriate button. These simple steps will definitely help you get the game back and continue the fun gameplay soon. However, this method cannot be useful for those who completely deleted the game permanently using the CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE combination.

Method 2 – Reinstalling the Game

Of course, reinstalling isn’t the best advice. However, this method can still help solve the problem. If you have saved the game installer on your PC, then use it to reinstall the game.

Method 3 – Applying Third-Party Utilities

If the careful application of the above methods did not bring the desired result, you should pay attention to the possibility of using modern software. Today, on the Internet, you can easily find programs that recover deleted files on a device without any problems. Thanks to their simple interface, they are used by both professionals and novice PC users. Download one of the available programs and return the deleted game back.

Recovering a Deleted Game on Steam

As practice shows, part of the game or an entire folder on the Steam digital distribution service is often deleted. But what to do in this case? Experts recommend checking the integrity of the game files. The download of the missing items will start automatically, which is a kind of recovery. If you delete a game in Steam from the library, the solution to the problem is to reload it.

Useful Tips

We are very glad if the above methods proved to be effective and helped you with solving the problem. Then we just have to congratulate you. But we understand that in some cases, recovering deleted files can be very difficult or even almost impossible. Therefore, a completely lost game can only be restored by reinstalling it. In this case, your saves will most likely be lost, but you can start the game over and gain invaluable experience.

Consider this tip: if you want to protect your in-game saves and keep them safe and secure, you need to use a backup. Archiving and system imaging can also help. Practice shows that thanks to a backup copy, you can instantly restore the game if the file is deleted. Talking about archiving, we should indicate that it can also provide help in solving the problem and recover lost files quickly and efficiently. But if you choose between archiving and creating a system image, then it is better to give preference to the second option. Creating an image allows you not only to recover deleted files but also to update the entire system.

Thus, we hope that the material presented here was useful to you. Put the received knowledge into practice and recover deleted game saves quickly and easily!

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