PUBG Update 13.2 Introduces Casual Mode and New Automobile

A new update for PUBG is coming shortly, and it will contain a new vehicle, a casual mode, brand new weaponry, map changes, and more. On September 8 for PC and September 16 for consoles, Update 13.2 introduces significant improvements to the Taego map and the game in general. This shakeup should be interesting for fans, given the 8×8 map was just launched earlier this summer.

PUBG, or PUBG: Battlegrounds as it is now redundantly known, frequently receives upgrades in the middle of the season to keep the experience new. The P90 SMG weapon will be added to Care Packages, as well as the Blue Zone Grenade, improvements to the Taego map, new weather choices, and a new Survivor Pass. The new Porter truck and the addition of Casual Mode are likely to be the highlights.


Taego’s Porter is a pick-up truck that is only available from them. The vehicle is a Hyundai, indicating that racing games like Forza Horizon 5 aren’t the only ones that may use licensed vehicles in-game. The car includes seating for up to four people, as well as a redesigned Trunk System. This feature allows players to keep goods in the vehicle’s rear seat, which can be useful for moving items across the area. The goods, however, will be lost if the Porter is destroyed.

Casual Mode is a new feature that allows players to warm up in a less intense setting, and it is only available on the level Erangel. Players in PUBG: Battlegrounds can compete in up to three Casual Mode matches each day, either single or in teams. Players may still earn XP, BP awards and accomplish objectives while in this mode.

The P90 is a highly strong Care Package weapon that comes fully equipped in terms of new weaponry. A suppressor, 50-round magazine, and laser pointer are included with the SMG. Meanwhile, the Blue Zone Grenade is a one-of-a-kind gadget that should provide some variety to the game. The grenade may be thrown at foes, causing the same Blue Zone “storm” effect that hurts and even kills enemies who stay inside it for too long. It will be really beneficial in cleaning up buildings.

The Taego map will also get changes to the mini-map layout, as well as sunset and gloomy weather choices, and the Crazy Night-themed Survivor Pass will be extended to eight weeks instead of six. There’s a lot going on in the world of PUBG right now, and it’s occurring while PUBG creator Brendan Greene takes a step back. It will be fascinating to observe how PUBG: Battlegrounds evolves when this new version is released.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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