The hybrid work setup may be more convenient than the traditional setup, but still, it has its own demands, such as demands for more powerful technologies. 

In today’s evolving and ever-changing hybrid environment, the demand for technologies that take seamless collaboration and enhanced work experience into the forefront is paramount. This is why companies like HP are regularly introducing new portfolios of smart accessories built to improve productivity, video call quality, audio clarity, and even multitasking capabilities for these hybrid workers. 

The Palo Alto-headquartered information technology company recently launched its latest series of accessories for professionals in India. The catalog includes a curved monitor, wireless earbuds, a vertical mouse, a webcam, and a Thunderbolt dock. Let’s take a look at each of them.

HP E45c 45-inch curved monitor: The beauty of visuals

The HP E45c is the company’s all-new 45-inch curved monitor that features an immersive diagonal at 45 inches, a 1500R curved monitor with a 165Hz refresh rate for a more expansive field of view, and dual QHD, among many others. 

Using this monitor, people can seamlessly connect to two different computers. It is also built with integrated dual side-firing speakers for vivid audio without the need to add more cables or even external speakers. The monitor also has multiple connectivity features for a more seamless user experience.

Crystal clear audio with the Poly Voyager Free 60 UC earbuds

Then, HP also unveiled the Poly Voyager Free 60 US wireless earbuds. These earbuds feature adaptive Active Noise Cancellation, as well as a touchscreen on their charging case to extend their battery life. They also show call information and allow users to switch between various devices. 

Absolutely comfortable when worn, these earbuds also feature a three-mic array that helps minimize noise from the surroundings. 

“Tune into a world full of sound and free of noise. Whether on a video call or into your playlists, the Voyager Free 60 earbuds keep you productive, connected, and entertained,” HP said on the official product page.

HP 925 vertical mouse: Stay in control without compromising comfort

Another accessory recently unveiled by HP is the HP 925 ergonomic vertical mouse. What makes this mouse unique and stand out from above the rest is that it keeps your hand in a natural upright position, thus preventing hand fatigue. 

It also works with Bluetooth to connect up to three devices at a time. Plus, it comes with a detachable wrist rest.

HP 960 4K streaming webcam: Show your best authentic self

Meanwhile, this new webcam supports 4K resolution and even allows its users to modify their background when doing live streams. It also features automatic color correction and HDR support, as well as an 18-millimeter F2.0 lens and dual mics. 

Universal connectivity with HP’s Thunderbolt G4 dock

Touted as “the world’s most secure dock,” the HP Thunderbolt G4 dock allows you to expand the screen of your notebooks with the use of USB-C ports. It is also designed to work even with laptops outside the HP brand. The dock also supports up to three displays and only needs a single cable when connecting it to laptops.

“The needs of the workforce have changed dramatically over the last few years, driven by [the] need for hybrid work, collaboration, and security. At HP, we focus on innovating to serve changing workforce requirements…” Vickram Bedi, HP India’s senior director for Personal Systems, told news outlets.

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