Immortals Fenyx Rising Releases New Animated Trailer

Immortals Fenyx Rising is one of the most highly-anticipated titles of this year and it appears that Ubisoft’s marketing team is doing their best to keep the hype going. A brand-new trailer has just been released featuring Greek soldier Fenyx.

This time around, the trailer is an animated one, and it’s honestly so intense that fans probably wouldn’t mind getting an animated series based on the video game. Immortals Fenyx Rising will be launching this December 3, 2020, and Ubisoft has been trying out different ways to promote the title.

It’s safe to say that the developer of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has been polishing and improving its newest IP, separating itself from the Breath of the Wild comparisons that have become more and more common these days with every new release.

In the new animated trailer, we can see Fenyx fighting three monsters that are iconic in the Greek mythos, namely the Griffin, the Minotaur, and the Cyclops. With How You Like Me Now by The Heavy blaring in the background, Fenyx brings out several weapons that will be featured in the upcoming game, including the Axe of Atalanta, the Bow of Odysseus, and the Sword of Achilles.

The nearly 2-minute-long animated trailer was made possible thanks to French advertising company CLM BBDO, which created a completely different look to the game’s aesthetic. After defeating the three enemies with her powerful blows, the trailer zooms out to show that the mountain was unintentionally shaped in Fenyx’s likeness.

The trailer concludes with the words “Every battle shapes your myth.” It was definitely disappointing that it had to end. That being said, this isn’t the first time that Immortals Fenyx Rising released something animated.

Much to the fans’ surprise, Immortals Fenyx Rising did a crossover with Adventure Time last week, releasing a short animated trailer. To give you a gist of what happens in this animated short, Finn and Jake from Adventure Time somehow find themselves up against a three-headed dog which we assume to be Cerberus.

As they try and fail to defeat the monster themselves, Fenyx, drawn in the same charming art style as the iconic TV series, rushes to the rescue. This interesting collaboration brought about more crossover rumors for Immortals Fenyx Rising.


For instance, some fans speculate that characters from the highly-beloved Adventure Time series might make an appearance as some kind of post-launch content for the next-gen title. Even Ubisoft itself seems to be leaning into these rumors, as the company teased that more Adventure Time news will be revealed soon.

For those who can’t wait until December 3, Immortals Fenyx Rising currently has a demo available to play right now on Google Stadia. The demo can be played through Click to Play, which doesn’t require any kind of subscription or membership.

The demo is definitely worth checking out if you want to know the gameplay mechanics a little better, especially since it has about an hour’s worth of gameplay. Immortals Fenyx Rising shows so much potential that some even believe that the game has the chance to become a late nominee for The Game Awards 2020.

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