Immortals Fenyx Rising Will Have Three Post-Launch DLC Expansions

Immortals Fenyx Rising is a new fantasy adventure game from Ubisoft where players will take the role of the Greek fighter Fenyx to rescue the Gods of Olympus and ultimately, save the world. Lately, Ubisoft revealed that the Greek-themed Immortals Fenyx Rising will have a season pass which comes with three post-launch DLCs.

This is part of Ubisoft Quebec’s post-release roadmap for Immortals Fenyx Rising. The season pass for the game includes three story-driven expansion storylines – The Lost Gods, Myths of the Eastern Realm, and A New God.

Each will provide new characters, new locations, new storylines, and new combat gameplay to go along with them. Players can now preorder the season pass and those who do will get a bonus quest, When the Road Gets Rocky, that comes with unique rewards.


The first DLC is titled A New God and is set after Immortals Fenyx Rising’s main campaign. It builds upon the game’s take on Greek mythology as Fenyx is challenged by the Gods of Olympus in order to join their ranks.

Players will be able to explore Olympus, the home of the Olympians themselves, and engage in various tasks given by Zeus and the other gods. By accomplishing these tasks, Fenyx will have the chance to change the world as the Greek pantheon itself, though how is not disclosed.

The second DLC is called Myths of the Eastern Realm, where the game will deviate from the setting of Olympus and the Golden Isle to that of Chinese mythology. In this expansion, players will take the role of Ku, a new hero who starts his journey fixed in the founding of Chinese mythology. The DLC will feature new gameplay, new locations, mysterious creatures and figures to face, and new challenges for Ku to overcome.

The last expansion, The Lost Gods, takes the story back to Fenyx and the kingdom of the Greek Gods, but this time players will control a new warrior named Ash. Ash is a soldier on a journey assigned by Fenyx to locate the “Lost Gods” of the Greek pantheon and bring harmony back to the world.

This DLC provides a new top-down, isometric view of the game’s open-world while playing as Ash. It adds a new progression system that will let players play around with their own desired game style in the game.

Then there’s the bonus quest When the Road Gets Rocky, where owners take again the role of Fenyx and partner with the trickster Hermes on a new mission. In addition, all players will receive access to daily bonus content such as daily and weekly missions, community quests, vault challenges, skins, and more.

Regardless, Ubisoft Quebec has several post-release contents for players to enjoy that will broaden the world and fun of Immortals Fenyx Rising.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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