InnerSloth Teases Possibility of Among Us Voice Chat

InnerSloth has teased its fans about the possibility of voice chat support in Among Us. The highly popular social deduction game currently doesn’t offer players with an option to communicate via voice chat, and Among Us fans can only chat with one another after a dead body has been reported or during an emergency meeting.

In other words, their means of communication is incredibly limited. As such, most players have taken to using third-party applications to communicate with one other, such as Discord, mods, or other similar programs. Recently, developer InnerSloth took to Twitter to announce that Among Us has a new feature now that can make things easier for players in terms of communication.

Among Us update 2021.2.21 now has a Quickchat feature, which gives players the option to convey different responses quickly. When a player opens up this option, they will see a menu that contains various options. From there, they can choose what kind of response they want to communicate to the other players.

Even though this doesn’t have as many features as fans may want or that it’s not voice chat at all, it still offers a quick and temporary fix that allows fans to communicate much faster and easier than in the past. We assume that this new Quickchat feature is InnerSloth’s stepping stones toward the inclusion of a better mode of communication in Among Us.

That being said, one player replied in Among Us’ announcement tweet asking if it’s possible to add in voice chat in-game in order for fans to speak with each other during meetings. The game’s official account replied saying that this kind of feature isn’t available just yet in Among Us, however, the developers “know people want it.”

Some were quick to dissect and overanalyze InnerSloth’s response to mean that the studio is currently working on an in-game voice chat feature. Of course, it’s highly possible that this kind of feature, if implemented, will only be limited to emergency meetings or when a dead body is reported. In other words, players will be able to talk instead of type.

Of course, a built-in voice chat feature probably won’t make a lot of difference for Among Us fans who play the game as a group, as they would most likely keep using an external program to communicate with one another. However, players who join rooms with random players will benefit from this kind of feature the most.

After all, having the option to converse with other players verbally offers more convenience, as players will be able to speak their minds or defend themselves without being limited to typing. If InnerSloth does add this option to Among Us, this will most likely be noncompulsory, and players who prefer chatting can continue to do so.

The implementation of this kind of feature will most likely come with a bit of struggle, too. After all, many mobile users will most likely be listening to music or some audio while playing the game, while voice chat on the Nintendo Switch will also come with its own set of hurdles.

This is all speculation for now, of course, but we wouldn’t be surprised if InnerSloth does add this nifty option seeing as it’s a highly requested one.

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