Apple’s WWDC 2023 is happening! Among the expected reveals will be the brand-new iOS 17. Well, various news outlets are saying that the iOS 17 beta will be available after today’s keynote at WWDC. But there are specifics.

The iOS 17 beta will only be available today, a few moments after the keynote, for members of Apple’s Developer Program.

For members of Apple’s free Beta Software Program, on the other hand, a public beta of this will be available in July, so they will have to wait. 

However, the update will be released to the general public this September, when the new iPhone series will launch. 

New features

Here are the new features of the iOS 17 beta:

  • New lock screen mode – iOS 17 will reportedly include this new mode that presents information like calendar appointments, notifications in a smart home display style, and the weather forecast. This new mode will reportedly appear when the phone is locked and in a landscape position. 
  • New accessibility features like Personal Voice – Apple previously previewed new iPhone accessibility features coming to iOS 17. Some of them are Assistive Access and Personal Voice, but the latter is quite more intriguing. Personal Voice allows users at risk of losing their ability to speak to create a voice that sounds like them within just 15 minutes, for use when communicating with other people. 
  • Next-generation CarPlay – Apple first previewed this during WWDC 2022, saying it will support various displays, widgets, and integrations with car functions like climate controls, the instrument cluster, and the FM radio. This time, media outlets are saying it will finally be present in iOS 17 beta, with the first vehicles to support this, such as Audi, Ford, Jaguar, Volvo, and more. 
  • Journal app – Apple is also said to be developing a journaling application for its iPhone that can compete with the likes of Day One. This app, reportedly debuting with iOS 17, will combine note-taking with a social element, such as enabling the user to ask the device to write a journal entry about their walk to work. 
  • Mood tracking in Health app – The new iOS 17 beta will also ensure you stay on top of your well-being. iOS 17 is said to include new tools for tracking emotions and managing vision conditions via the built-in Health app on the iPhone.

Other features expected with iOS 17 are the Wallet app revamp, Find My enhancements, the iMessage Contact Key Verification security feature, SharePlay enhancements, AirPlay enhancements, app sideloading within European Union countries, and the expansion of unwanted alerts tracking.

How to download the iOS 17 beta

Unlike in previous years, installing the new iOS 17 beta simply by installing a developer beta profile will not be possible. Apple will require a certified developer ID and password that should be verified. 

With this, Apple will prevent regular users from installing the first iOS 17 beta, also addressing the issue of people downloading a beta version on main devices, but it stops working.

Here are the steps on how to download the first iOS 17 beta for registered developers:

  • First, choose the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Then, tap General and Software Update.
  • Lastly, tap Beta Updates and enable iOS 17 Developer Beta once available.
  • It will then prompt on your screen once available. 

The same is followed for the Mac, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. 

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