Twitch Streamer Goes Viral on Twitter for Criticizing Predatory Male Audiences

Twitch streamers have been through a lot this year, and it’s beginning to feel like streamers have to overcome so many obstacles, such as potentially getting banned on the platform due to DMCA takedown notices, if they want to become successful on Twitch.

Not only do they have to deal with issues regarding the platform itself, they sometimes have to deal with trouble caused by their own viewers. It has happened more than once wherein avid fans victimize Twitch streamers in one way or another, whether it’s in the form of online cyberbullying or done in-person. One such example that comes to mind is streamer Jadeyanh, who was terrorized by a stalker only last month.

Now, another streamer who is known as “Yoojin” recently had a live stream wherein she talked about predatory and exploitative male viewers who would voluntarily donate on a woman’s stream expecting some kind of emotional connection in return.

Yoojin later took a clip of that specific discussion and then posted it on her Twitter account, which garnered over 30,000 likes, more than 6,000 retweets, and over half a million views at the moment of writing.

According to Yoojin, entitled men will sometimes donate to a woman’s stream with the mindset that doing so will give them the right to converse with her. The streamer also mentions that just because she’s a small streamer, some men feel that they have better chances at catching her attention compared to other, more popular streamers.

She continues to explain that the fact that she responds to a whisper showing appreciation for a donation isn’t a sign that she likes the person or is willing to keep talking to them. In other words, there’s no deeper meaning to uncover here — she is simply thanking someone for doing something nice and believing otherwise is predatory behavior.

As soon as she stops responding or she doesn’t give back the kind of attention they want, this kind of creepy audience would then turn to insults and name-calling. Yoojin concludes this particular discussion by advising these types of men to go out and meet a real-life girl so that they can stop pestering her and her stream.

After Yoojin’s video went viral on Twitter, many people — fans and non-fans alike — commended her for saying what needed to be said. This kind of issue has been ongoing for the longest time and it’s great that someone finally called these predatory men out.

Shortly after, Yoojin posted a series of follow-up tweets to further clarify her stance. She addresses the fact that men, too, experience this kind of harassment from some of their Twitch audience members.

The “rant/hypothetical scenario” was only meant as an example to showcase her own experiences as well as those she has witnessed around her. That being said, she hopes that people will start taking this issue seriously, especially since men trying to take advantage of a young girl or woman with our without money isn’t something to be taken lightly.

Overall, Yoojin essentially just wants the audience to treat Twitch like the streaming platform that it is instead of some kind of dating service.

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