League of Legends PsyOps Operation: Songbird Trailer Has Been Released, Teasing New Skins

League of Legends is on a roll this month, providing us with constant new teasers such as Samira, the most recent champion, and even new K/DA music. As of today, they have also released a trailer for Operation: Songbird, which is the name for the upcoming PsyOps skins.

For this PsyOps set, you can expect futuristic and cyberpunk-themed skins for different characters like Caitlyn and Sona, among many others. PsyOps Operation: Songbird can be compared to Arctic Ops, but instead of being set in the chilly Arctics, PsyOps is set in a time that is technologically-advanced.

The teaser focuses more on Sona, who is one of the most popular support champions you can play on League of Legends. The outfits or skins for the different champions can be glimpsed throughout the trailer. As Sona prepares for the oncoming fight, we can see the other champions arrive to protect her: Vi, Ezreal, Shen, and Ezreal.


At the end of the trailer, we can also see that assistance is being asked from Ripper, Shadow, Righteous, and Desert Rose which are the codenames for Pyke, Zed, Kayle, and Samira.

With that being said, it doesn’t come as a surprise that they chose to focus on Sona in this trailer. After all, she’s a very powerful psychic in this PsyOps storyline who has been locked up for years as an experiment.

These PsyOps skins will be included in Patch 10.18, which will be released on September 2, 2020. If you want to see more of the skins, you can catch more of them over at Surrender @ 20.

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