Left 4 Dead 2: The Last Stand New Teaser Revealed

In case you missed it, Left 4 Dead 2 is finally getting a new update after how many years called The Last Stand. This week, a new trailer has been dropped and we now have a bit more information. Thanks to this second trailer, we can confirm that the original Left 4 Dead survivors will be making a comeback.

This time, however, their journey is set on a campaign they haven’t traveled to before. That is to say that the update The Last Stand will be different from what took place in Left 4 Dead’s The Last Stand map.

Teaser #2 is basically similar to the first one, but this one has what they call “signs of life.” We can see Bill from Left 4 Dead featured in this teaser, who surrounded by dead zombies in the same area as The Last Stand map and the first teaser.

Previously, the team working on this big update promised that we will learn more information about The Last Stand in the future back when the first teaser initially dropped. Thankfully, they didn’t forget that promise, as JAiZ, one of the trailer’s creators, has shared a few details to keep as satiated…for now.

According to ComicBook, JAiZ confirmed that the update is based on the original The Last Stand survival map and is designed by NF, Roku, and Wolphin from their mapping team. You might even recognize these names, as they are the creators for well-known workshop campaigns such as Hard Rain: Downpour and Dark Carnival: Remix.


Having said that, there’s not much to glean from this teaser and so, we don’t have much to go on for now. The talented creators have teased us by saying that there’s so much more to look forward to in this update, as the campaign isn’t the only exciting thing they’re bringing to the table.

That said, we will definitely keep everyone posted once new information gets revealed.

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