Marvel’s Avengers Kate Bishop DLC Gets December Release Date

Marvel’s Avengers has had a rough start and it doesn’t seem like it’s getting better. As a matter of fact, recent reports indicate that the game’s playerbase has been dropping with speed.

However, this doesn’t seem to have deterred the team over at Crystal Dynamics, as the developer has been working hard in order to release the Kate Bishop DLC before 2020 ends.

This upcoming DLC will bring new things to Marvel’s Avengers, such as a variety of fresh missions along with a new playable hero in the form of Kate Bishop. Crystal Dynamics has many things planned for the game, and the studio hopes that all these new features and content will bring back a substantial amount of players who lost interest in the title.

The arrival of Kate Bishop in Marvel’s Avengers was announced months ago, but the most recent War Table stream has finally revealed the DLC’s release date. Fans will finally be able to play as the counterpart of Hawkeye this December 8.

In addition to that, the War Table stream also revealed brand-new information regarding the iconic hero, including slice of story content as well as a synopsis of the upcoming Operation.

Revealed in an enthralling trailer, Kate Bishop’s story arc has players following her in a mission to track down and potentially rescue her former mentor known as Hawkeye. As she’s unable to do this dangerous mission alone, she turns to The Avengers for assistance.

However, finding Hawkeye isn’t as easy as it may seem. Kate has to traverse space and time, literally, as she tries to bring her mentor home. Among other things, Operation Taking AIM will feature familiar faces from the world of Marvel.

For instance, it appears that Nick Fury will play a vital role in this DLC. However, a new villain will be introduced this time around.

This new antagonist in question is known as the Super Adaptoid, which is a classic Marvel enemy. What makes the Super Adaptoid such a deadly foe is that it can copy the powers and abilities of its enemies.


Given this information, it’s safe to assume that this powerful villain will be able to use the powers of all the Avengers. No spoilers here, but it appears that the ending of Marvel’s Avengers’ first campaign will be taken into consideration in this DLC as well.

Namely, the stream indicates that AIM’s new leader will be involved one way or another in Kate’s story arc. The War Table stream also features gameplay footage that adequately showcases Kate’s different abilities and skills.

In any case, those who have been keeping track of Marvel’s Avengers and its updates know that Kate Bishop isn’t the only playable hero coming to the RPG. For instance, it was previously revealed that the original Hawkeye himself will be joining the roster at a later time.

Not only that, but Crystal Dynamics has also confirmed that Spider-Man will be web-slinging his way to Marvel’s Avengers as a PlayStation 5 exclusive, although this news has caused quite a stir among the fans.

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