Meet Leona: the Newest Addition to Legends of Runeterra

From the Targon region, Riot Games has announced the fifth and newest addition to Legends of Runeterra’s Call of the Mountain expansion set. She’s an especially relevant champion for this expansion, since she helps continue building on the Daybreak mechanic that the expansion is aiming for.

Coming in as a four-mana unit, Leona has a Daybreak ability that stuns even the strongest of enemies. If you are able to activate Daybreak at least four times, then you can reach her leveled form.

Her leveled form is still also a four-mana unit, but with a +1/+1 in stats. The difference is that any Daybreak activation in future moves will will also stun the strongest enemy when she levels up. She may not be the best one out there, but she’s definitely not that bad either.

Not going to lie though, her champion spell called “Leona’s Guiding Light” is somewhat impressive, as this gives allied followers +2/+2. However, this is highly dependent on the state the board is in, as well as the units the other players are using.

Just like the other Daybreak cards that were revealed, Leona is also the type who wants to go through the board quickly. What’s so great about this champion is that it’s possible for you to level her up even when you’re just on her fourth turn. However, this is only achievable if a Daybreak card is played every turn leading up to Leona’s.

You will be able to make use of Leona once Call of the Mountain get released for PC and mobile devices on August 26.


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