Magic: The Gathering Release Complete Zendikar Rising Image Gallery

Magic: The Gathering once again gives fans the chance to return to Zendikar, which features one of the most exciting characters, locations, and gameplay mechanics in the franchise.

Now that Zendikar Rising’s pre-release event is fast approaching, Magic: The Gathering has officially released the complete image gallery for the new expansion. After all, new and old fans alike need to study up on the new cards if they want to make good decisions once deckbuilding starts.

Zendikar Rising includes 280 regular cards in total, which features:

  • 101 commons;
  • 80 uncommons;
  • 4 rares;
  • 20 mythic rares; and
  • 15 basic lands.


Not only that, but you’ll find alternative art, other special promos, and more. In other words, this means that avid fans of Magic: The Gathering would need plenty of time to thoroughly study what Zendikar Rising has to offer, especially if they want to know what they’re getting into with this new set.

Sadly, there hasn’t been a lot of pre-release events for this new set compared to previous ones because of in-person tournament restrictions due to the ongoing pandemic. However, there’s no need to fret, as there will still be plenty of digital events via Magic Arena and MTGO.

As usual, the Limited format is usually the focus during the first few weeks of a set’s release. This is because players will begin to draft the cards and get a feel of each new one in the set. That being said, you can also view the complete Zendikar Rising image gallery here if you want to familiarize each.


Many of the cards in the rares and mythic rares were spoiled sometime in September but with the release of the complete image gallery, players can finally go through each card – even the commons and uncommons.

In the upcoming weeks, you can expect tons of articles and podcasts discussing and rating each card thoroughly. For now, it’s best to start studying them early so that you’ll get a headstart once more Zendikar Rising gets revealed.

Magic: The Gathering Zendikar Rising will be released this September 25, 2020.

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