‘Pokemon Go’ receives new Mega Evolution update

Pokemon Go is getting a new feature this week. Niantic is releasing the much-awaited Mega Evolutions as well as new gameplay focused on how players can get the most out of this new feature.

What is a Mega Evolution?

Only a few Pokemon can undergo Mega Evolutions. It allows players to power up their Pokemon and takes on a unique temporary form. In the main Pokemon games, Mega Evolutions can only be triggered during a battle. In addition, the Pokemon should also be holding the appropriate Mega Stone in order to evolve into its advanced form.

Once in its Mega Evolved state, the Pokemon’s appearance will transform and will gain a massive stat boost. Under this form, the Pokemon will also receive a new typing and ability. For example, Charizard becomes a Fire/Dragon-type when it undergoes Mega Evolution and becomes Mega Charizard X.

How to Mega Evolve in Pokemon Go?

Mega Evolution works differently in Pokemon Go. Instead of using a Mega Stone, players will need to gather a new item called Mega Energy to Mega Evolve their partners. Players can get this item by joining Mega Raid Battles which means they have to beat a Mega Evolved Pokemon. Beating the boss faster will generate more Mega Energy rewards.

Once a player has enough Mega Energy, they can Mega Evolve their chosen Pokemon. For Pokemon Go, Pokemon who have undergone Mega Evolution will remain in that state even when they are outside of battle but only for a limited time.

This means players will be able to see their Mega Evolved Pokemon following them on the map, take snapshots and even use them against other players and Raids. After a Pokemon Mega Evolves, the Mega Energy requirement for the next Mega Evolution will significantly decrease. This allows players to Mega Evolve their Pokemon quickly next time.

However, there are a few restrictions players will need to have in mind about Mega Evolutions. Pokemon in Mega Evolved form are not allowed to be left to defend a Gym. Aside from this, only one Pokemon can be Mega Evolved. Mega Evolving another Pokemon will revert the first into its original form.

What are the benefits of Mega Evolution?

A Mega Evolved Pokemon will receive a massive stat boost which will make them more powerful in battles. However, having a Mega Evolved Pokemon will also benefit other players as well.

Brining a Mega Evolved Pokemon into a Raid Battle will grant other player’s Pokemon with a stat boost as well. In addition, Pokemon moves that have the same type as the Mega Evolved Pokemon will also receive a damage boost.

Mega Evolution Special Research

In addition to the Mega Raids feature, the developers are also launching a new Special Research quest called “A Mega Discovery” to Pokemon Go this week. After completing the quest, players will receive plenty of rewards such as Beedrill Mega Energy which can be used to Mega Evolve a Beedrill.


Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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