Microsoft confirms Xbox Series X after price, release date leaked overnight

Microsoft was forced to officially reveal the Xbox Series S with a retail price of $299. Microsoft’s second-gen console will be an all-digital version and has the same price as its current-gen version.

The long-awaited console leaked overnight thanks to journalist Brad Sams. He leaked an image of the upcoming Xbox Series S console which showed its peculiar design along with the unit’s retail price.

A few hours later, Microsoft confirmed the leaked photo and info further describing the console as a “next-gen console in the smallest Xbox ever.” Based on the post, more official information will also be revealed soon. This probably means that Microsoft will share more details about the Xbox Series S in an upcoming live streaming event.

The design of the Xbox Series S looks a lot like the Xbox One although with a huge vent on the side. It also appears to be missing its disc drive. The Xbox Series X’s specs are still unknown but rumors are it is capable of four teraflops of computing power.

The Xbox Series S will be an all-digital version and like the Xbox Series X, it will have a custom NVME SSD and is powered by Velocity Architecture which will provide the console with exceptionally fast loading time.

The Xbox Series S has also been confirmed to support Direct X ray-tracing and will natively run games at 1440p and up to120fps. The console can also run games in upscaled 4K resolution and stream videos at an even higher resolution.

Even if the Xbox Series S is weaker than the Xbox Series X, rumors claim that the console can still provide elements of Series X which are non-existent in today’s consoles such as faster SSD load speeds and limited ray-tracing at 1080p.

The $299 selling price implies that Microsoft could copy its Xbox One X/One S prices and set the price of the Xbox Series X at $499. The leaks also claim that both of Microsoft’s next-gen consoles will be launched on November 10, 2020.

Microsoft appeared to have first verified the Xbox Series X leak last Tuesday when it posted a cryptic meme on its official Twitter account. Before Microsoft even officially announced the Xbox Series S, it was already regarded as an open secret.

The previously unannounced next-gen console was even referenced on Microsoft’s official merchandise on two events last August while existing software classifications apparently points to an imminent Xbox Series S announcement.

Last July, Microsoft even confirmed that they have stopped the production of both Xbox One S and Xbox One X apparently to give way to the arrival of the next-gen consoles.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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