Microsoft promises orderly Series X preorders in nod to PS5 chaos

Microsoft has guaranteed fans that they will soon announce exact preorder times for the Xbox Series X/S, in a heedless nod to Sony’s chaotic PlayStation 5 presale.

Last Wednesday, a few major retailers began their preorders for the PlayStation 5 without pre-warning fans, despite the fact that Sony stated to its community that preorders will start by Thursday.


However, retailers in the UK including Game, GameStop, Target, and Walmart had already declared that they are sold out of their given PlayStation 5 stock only hours after the next-gen console’s release dates were revealed.

In a tweet posted by the official Twitter page of Xbox, the company guaranteed its fans that they would confirm the specific times that preorders for the Xbox Series X/S will go live. Last week, Microsoft announced that preorders for Microsoft’s next-gen consoles will start on Tuesday, September 22.

In the UK, Microsoft already affirmed that preorders will go online at 8 am on September 22 via multiple retailers including,, John Lewis, Smyths Toys, Curry’s PC World, Argos, Game, Amazon, and the Microsoft Store.


On a tweet last Wednesday, Xbox took the chance to promote the Xbox Series X/S November 10 global launch date. On the other hand, PlayStation confirmed that the PlayStation 5 will be released across two dates in November.

The PlayStation 5 will start distribution on November 12 for $500 for the standard edition while its Digital Edition will cost $400. Meanwhile, Microsoft confirmed that its next-gen consoles will cost $499 for the Xbox Series X and $300 for the Xbox Series S.

Christian Allen Tandoc
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