Mojang Announces Start Date for Minecraft Dungeons Cross-Play

Even though Minecraft has been out since 2009, Mojang’s sandbox video game still continues to remain relevant in the gaming community. As a matter of fact, it has millions of active users across the globe even today.

Since the game’s launch all those years ago, Mojang has released a variety of DLCs, expansions, and even spin-off titles that are still set in the Minecraft universe. One such example is Minecraft Dungeons, an action-adventure game that’s heavily inspired by dungeon crawler classics.

That being said, the gaming world, in general, has seen the rise and fall of all kinds of trends. As the industry continues releasing newer and better games and consoles, who knows what kind of trend will see the light of day next?

One thing that has been receiving a lot of buzz recently is cross-play support. More and more titles have been implementing this feature as of late, and it appears that Mojang’s Minecraft Dungeons will be joining the party.


The developer already announced a few months ago that the game will be receiving cross-play support, and it seems that the feature finally has a release date which will be on November 17.

There’s more great news: Minecraft Dungeon’s cross-play will be able to support all platforms that support the title. In other words, friends who play the game on different platforms (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC) will still be able to hunt and loot together.

That being said, this feature won’t be limited to current-gen consoles, as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles are said to have backwards compatibility. As such, next-gen console users will also get the chance to play together with their group of friends.

This is an especially convenient feature to have during these trying times, as the coronavirus pandemic demands that we isolate ourselves and avoid physical social gatherings.

The release of Minecraft Dungeon’s cross-play support is pretty timely as well since the Howling Peaks DLC is scheduled to launch in December. Many fans assumed that Mojang would release the cross-play update at the same time as the upcoming DLC, but the developer decided to give the players an early taste of the feature instead.

Since the Howling Peaks expansion will bring to the table all kinds of new content such as new enemies, missions, and items, the option to team up with a few friends in order to make more progress in the game is definitely a much-welcomed inclusion.

Cross-platform play has become one of the most highly-requested features these days, especially when it comes to multiplayer or co-op games. When Sony announced that the PlayStation 4 will be utilizing cross-platform support on all its titles last year, it became quite clear that this feature plans to stay.

Plus, given the fact that the next-gen consoles are touting backwards compatibility, it’s safe to assume that more and more publishers will continue to make use of cross-play.

Though different gaming platforms are being used, it’s truly amazing how technological advancements such as this are capable of bringing gamers together, most especially during a pandemic.

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