Minecraft Dungeons Has More Updates to Come

Recently, Mojang announced Creeping Winter, a new and upcoming DLC for Minecraft Dungeons. This news brought smiles to players’ faces, as it meant new content for the dungeon-set roleplaying game.

However, many fans wondered one thing: will this be the last major update that Minecraft Dungeons will experience? Fortunately, the executive producer David Nisshagen made sure to inform us that updates can definitely be expected in the future.

In the Minecraft Dungeons Diaries, Nisshagen also discussed his plans regarding the future of the game:

“We also want to have, for the base game – for everyone – lots of continuous free updates that just makes the game better and better over time. So we will have things like end game content, end game features – where players who want more of a challenge and want to tickle their treasure collection fancy a bit more, they will have lots of stuff to look forward to.”

There’s a lot to look forward to in Creeping Winter. For one thing, you have the daily trials, where you are given a new trial every day which you need to complete under specific criteria.

They also added another mechanic called “slippery ice,” which is a recurring concept in many RPG’s. This will add a whole new dynamic to the way you fight creepers, for instance.


Minecraft Dungeons has been well-received since its release, keeping even Diablo players entertained. At the same time, it’s friendly enough even to the younger fans who want to delve deeper into the gaming world.

The game is currently available on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One, while the Creeping Winter DLC will be available on September 8.

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