Jeddah is the port city of Saudi Arabia. It is located near the Red sea. It is a modern commercial hub and is known for its holy cities Mecca & Medina. Jeddah offers you the best & the safest tourism ever. The safest way to go there is through flights. Flynas airline booking is low-cost and easily available for everyone. Jeddah offers you so many modern & amazing things to see in. Following are the nine modern things that you can see there.

Fascinate at amazing place King Fahd’s Fountain

In Jeddah, it is one of the most attractive tourist destinations. That fountain is also known as Jeddah Fountain. It is the tallest fountain in the world. Its height is around 800 feet. It can be seen throughout the whole city because of its powerful water jets. You guys will be fascinated by its beauty.

Enjoy the water world in Fakieh Aquarium

It is the best aquarium ever built in the world. It is the only public aquarium in Saudi Arabia. This aquarium has 200 species of water world animals like stingrays, sea horses, sharks, dolphins, etc. The Dolphin show is the greatest attraction of this aquatic zoo. For an extra fee, this aquarium also allows you to swim with friendly dolphins. Fakieh aquarium has species, a sports club with pool & also an auditorium. Jeddah Corniche, it is the best tourist destination, so you will enjoy your time spending here.

Enjoy your day at Jeddah’s theme parks

Enjoy an African safari experience at Jungle land theme park (Mersal village). You can watch their live lion shows, circus performances of circus, and it also provides different types of amusement park rides.

Al shall theme park, one of most attractive theme parks there. This theme park provides rides like boat rides, roller coaster rides. There are thrill rides as well as gentle rides for kids. They also provide modern games like skating rings, arcade games, etc. This park opens at 5’o o’clock in the evening and closes late at night.

There are Atallah happy land park, Al Amwaj amusement park, Ice land, and many more modern theme parks.

Take a selfie with Jeddah Flagpole

Jeddah flagpole is the world’s tallest flagpole since 2014 when it was erected. It is located in King Abdullah Square in Jeddah. Its height is 171 meters (561 ft), more than a usual building in Jeddah. This cylindrical flagpole was built with 500 tons of steel. It is one of the most popular attractions for tourists. People go crazy due to its high volume. They are mad about taking a selfie there. You should book your spot before going there. If you want to cancel it, you can do it within 24 hours before your tour starts for getting refunds.

Go for a small trip in Bicycle square

If you don’t know where to go in Jeddah, come to Bicycle square. It features a 50 feet metal sculpture of a bicycle. IN 1982, they were first installed. Bicycle square is also known as Midan Addarajah. It is the best attraction for tourists who are interested in Art. It has the most beautiful eye-catching sculptures of art ever. You can have a small trip to Bicycle square to see all the sculptures and take a selfie!

Jeddah lighthouse

Jeddah lighthouse is the world’s tallest lighthouse. It is located on the north side of the entrance of Jeddah Islamic Seaport. It has a height of 133 meters (436 feet). It’s a cylindrical tower with a spherical building. Its range is 25nmi which means 46 km. According to Guinness World Records, it surpasses any other lighthouse in the world. Tourists are not allowed in the seaport, but you can have a picturesque view of the lighthouse. You can visit anytime there, but it is most stunning at night.

Shopping at Red sea mall

The city’s most attractive mall is the Red sea mall, built near Jeddah Corniche. You can shop, relax and also eat here. It is especially famous for these things. This mall has the world’s largest indoor fountain. It is another attraction for tourists. It has a cinema of 12 screens and a budget-friendly supermarket also. It has hundreds of international and local shops. It has amazing food also. For food lovers, this place is heaven. The fountain and the beautiful glass skylights are the best modern things to see there.

You can look for Jeddah hotels booking online if you want to stay near this area for more days.

Visit the mind-blowing Globe Roundabout

Go for a trip to the top tourist attraction in Jeddah. It is in between King Abdul Aziz Road and Assalam Street. It has a giant metal globe that sits surrounded by Saudi Arabian flags. At night, this black and silver globe displays a world map through blue and green lights. Visit there at night to take a selfie with your home country. An interesting fact is this Giant Globe was designed by the same architect (Julio Lafuente) who designed the Bicycle sculpture in Bicycle square. Like Bicycle square, it is also an attraction for tourists who believe in Art.

Enjoy tastiest dishes ever at Al Baik

If you are in Jeddah, Al Baik is a must-visit location. It is a fast-food restaurant chain that usually sells shrimp, broasted chicken, etc. They got the tastiest food ever. This food chain was started in 1974. Al Baik is world-famous for its food. They provide a variety of seafood dishes with crispy fries, fried chicken, and many more. They have their signature sauces. There are a lot of restaurants in Saudi, but this modern classic place is always worth it.

There are also modern places like Mall Of Arabia, Silver Sand Beach, and many more. They have their beauty of joy, art, and taste. Like historical sites in Jeddah, tourists are attracted to these places. All these places will make your visit all worth it. Make sure that these modern places are on your list of what to see in Jeddah. These places are waiting to amaze you.

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