Monster Hunter Rise May Be Getting PC Release

The performance details of a Monster Hunter Rise PC port appears to have been leaked, which would serve as a confirmation to the previous leak claiming that the supposedly Nintendo Switch title would one day be released on the bigger platform.

Officially speaking, Capcom only announced that the upcoming title would be released on the Nintendo Switch this March 2021. In other words, the developer hasn’t mentioned a PC version so far, so if this leak is to be trusted, there’s still no indication as to when this version would be launched.

Monster Hunter Rise was announced a few months ago and serves as a sequel to the incredibly popular Monster Hunter: World. For the past few months since its reveal, Capcom has shared several interesting sneak peeks at the game.

For instance, new gameplay footage was revealed during the Tokyo Game Show, which showcased new attack styles and items. In line with this, players will be able to utilize brand-new aerial attacks as they fight off monsters.


Speaking of monsters, Monster Hunter Rise has a new set of beasts for players to hunt down, including the game’s flagship monster Magnamalo, which Capcom also shared concept art of in the past.

So far, Capcom has pushed that Monster Hunter Rise is going to be a Nintendo Switch exclusive title. However, a recent report by DSOGaming states otherwise. According to the news site, a PC version of the action-RPG may be released sooner than fans anticipate.

According to leaked Capcom documents, which is information we assume was acquired during the unfortunate data breach, there is a list of tech details and specs that allegedly refer to a PC version of Monster Hunter Rise.

The tech details indicate that players will be able to choose between different framerate options, namely 30fps, 60fps, and uncapped. In addition to that, this version will reportedly support GSync and FreeSync.

From what we’ve gathered, it also appears that the developer doesn’t want to limit the PC version to 720p or 1080p, which it will most likely do for the Nintendo Switch version in either docked or handheld mode.


We can’t even begin to express just how many fans are excited for the release of Monster Hunter Rise, and much of that excitement can be credited to the incredible success of the game that came before it. Monster Hunter: World was so successful that it even became an all-time bestselling game for Capcom just a few months after it was initially launched.

Thanks to this game, a franchise that only had a decent following was propelled into the mainstream, garnering thousands upon thousands of players. This has now opened a path for Monster Hunter Rise, giving it a chance to become even more successful than Monster Hunter: World. With that in mind, the best possible way to do that would be to release the game on multiple platforms, as doing so expands its reach and allows even more players.

Thanks to all the teasers that Capcom has shared, we’re beginning to have a good look at what Monster Hunter: Rise will be bringing to the table and needless to say, we’re all excited.

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