New Faster Snapdragon 732G Unveiled by Qualcomm

To have the latest and greatest, high-performance flagship smartphone is what we all desire but it comes with paying a hefty price that is out of reach for most people. The more affordable Mainstream devices do not offer that much overall performance according to popular benchmarks but performance is not everything for mainstream devices as user experience is mostly solid on these devices. Mobile gaming is where Mainstream devices fall short compared to the more powerful models because of the Graphically intense nature of mobile games.

Qualcomm is about to lessen the gap between the Mainstream and high-performance smartphones with their newly announced Snapdragon 732G Mobile Platform which is a new iteration of the 730G which has been further optimized to offer more CPU, GPU, and AI computation performance.

According to Kedar Kondap, the vice president of product management at Qualcomm Technologies Inc., Snapdragon 732G will offer an exciting gaming experience, a sophisticated in-device AI, and one-of-a-kind performance. He also expressed how excited they were to work with POCO on its new smartphone that will effectively enhance the Snapdragon 732G experience globally.

The Snapdragon 732G uses the 8nm process and features Qualcomm’s 4th generation Qualcomm AI Engine and has higher-clocked CPU and GPU cores. The Qualcomm Kryo 470 CPU in the chip can hit frequencies up to 2.3GHz compared to just 2.2GHz in the 730G. Qualcomm integrated Adreno 618 GPU also offers a 15% bump in performance in graphics rendering workloads.


POCO will be the first partner to use the Snapdragon 732G Mobile Platform. As the head of production at POCO Global, Sam Jiang has said, they are thrilled to produce the first-ever device that will support the Snapdragon 732G Mobile Platform available in the market.

They aim and believe that they can set a new benchmark for the mid-range category, fully redefining the connection between a phone’s cost and its features.


POCO’s actual branding of the devices that will be powered by the Snapdragon 732G was not disclosed but is likely going to be called the POCO X3 NFC. After Qualcomm’s announcement, POCO’s twitter account posted the image above. Everything on the POCO X3 NFC will be revealed on September 7.

The branding of the actual POCO device that will be powered by the Snapdragon 732G wasn’t disclosed, but it will likely be the POCO X3 NFC. A few hours after the Qualcomm announcement hit, POCO’s twitter account posted the image above. The full scoop on the POCO X3 NFC will be revealed on September 7.

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