New God of War Game Teased for PlayStation 5

During last night’s PlayStation 5 Showcase, SIE Santa Monica Studio and Sony Interactive Entertainment revealed a new God of War game which is temporarily called God of War Ragnarok and will be released for the PlayStation 5.

The game will be a sequel to 2018’s God of War which was one of the highest-rated PlayStation 4 games as well as one of the highest-rated games of all time. Thanks to the reboot’s critical and commercial success, a sequel is automatic but it is still great to hear that the game is officially in development.

YouTube video

As anyone might have guessed, the sequel is exclusively being developed for the PlayStation 5, which means fans must upgrade their consoles if they want to follow the continuation of Kratos’ latest adventure.

The God of War franchise started in 2005 thanks to David Jaffe of Sony Santa Monic and of course, the PlayStation 2. Since then, the God of War franchise has been one of PlayStation’s best and most popular games, though its fame was crumbling down before the 2018 reboot.


Thanks to God of War 2018, the game significantly changed its path and put the franchise back on top of the competition.

Christian Allen Tandoc
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