New League of Legends Leak Reveals Upcoming Halloween Skins

The upcoming champion cosmetics for this year’s League of Legends Harrowing event might have been unveiled earlier than expected via a recent leak. The Harrowing is the game’s yearly Halloween event and previous versions of the celebration have featured new content integrated into the game during its span including new game modes, items, features, map variants, champion skins, and a lot more.

The Harrowing is one of League of Legends several time-limited or seasonal events, with another being the short-lived comeback of the Nexus Blitz game mode. These are some of the few ways the game debuts new skins for its massive roster of champions.

The game has also seen recently released skins along the side of the launch of a new character. Just recently, Riot Games revealed that they have been collaborating with streetwear brand AAPE which will introduce a new skin for one of League of Legends’ champions.

The key art for the alleged new skins was leaked by a YouTube channel named ka2ka2 and was later shared on their Twitter account featuring that at least Elise and Ammu will be getting new skins during this year’s Harrowing event.

Ka2ka2 disclosed in the corresponding Twitter post that the key art for the new skins was from an email from Riot Games Korea sent to various League of Legends players across the said country. The email survey is asking players to check out the key art of the forthcoming new content for the game, which could simply be expected to be part of the Harrowing event based on how the key art looks.

The key art for Ammu’s new skin features a sad mummy’s head changed into a pumpkin or jack-o-lantern with green flame and violet leaves while wearing what seems like a violet coat with a high collar and suit. The key art features the champion sitting on a seesaw alone with a carved jack-o-lantern on the other end.

On the other hand, Elise’s key art shows her sporting a white hair wearing a black and purple witch-like costume. Her art also features a jack-o-lantern with spider legs, indicating that even her spiders will be part of her upcoming skin.

Given that these skins have yet to be officially revealed by Riot Games, there’s still the odds that the skins will still undergo some changes or even have the lineup up of skins revamped for The Harrowing event.

Considering the past few Harrowing events, there are always three skins that were released. This means at least one more champion skin that’s yet to be revealed. Simultaneously, League of Legends fans can also expect the launch of the game’s newest champion, Samira, who will likely get a new skin after she is released.

Samira is now available on League of Legends’ Public Beta Environment which surprised fans since there were no announcements of her development prior to the beta release. This might be because the game is currently in the middle of several Summer Championship playoffs for various eSports regions.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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