Pokemon Sword & Shield The Crown Tundra DLC Launch Date Revealed

The launch date for the next epic adventure in the Galar region has been announced. The Crown Tundra DLC expansion for Pokemon Sword and Shield will be launched on October 22. Pokemon Sword and Shield are the first games in the Pokemon franchise to get expansion updates through the game’s Expansion Pass which adds the Crown Tundra and Isle of Armor locations to the original Galar region

The two expansion areas for Pokemon Sword and Shield simultaneously bring tons of additional Pokemon back to the franchise after they were reportedly cut during the passage from the Nintendo 3DS to the Nintendo Switch. They are also adding a couple of Mythical and Legendary Pokemon to the games such as Kubfu for the Isle of Armor and Calyrex for the Crown Tundra.

YouTube video

After revealing a new update about the Crown Tundra on their official Twitter account, The Pokemon Company has announced the release date of the second DLC. A new short trailer for the expansion was uploaded to the official Pokemon YouTube channel where it was unveiled that the Crown Tundra will be launching on October 22, 2020. Players who already have bought the Isle of Armor’s Expansion Pass can download the Crown Tundra DLC once it has been released.

The trailer also disclosed several new details coming to Pokemon Sword and Shield. Fans got their first glance at Galarian Slowking, which looks like it’s wearing a shell as more of a helmet rather than a crown.

Once players have finished the Crown Tundra expansion, they will finally have access to the Galarian Star Tournament where they can team up with one of the distinguished trainers in the game and engage in massive doubles Pokemon tournament.

YouTube video

The trailer also revealed that Pokemon Go compatibility with Pokemon Home will be available before the year ends. This means trainers will now be able to transfer monsters from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Sword and Shield. A new edition of Pokemon Sword and Shield that comes with all the DLCs from the Expansion Pass will be available on November 6, 2020.

A recent presentation from the developers revealed that there will be special versions of both Pokemon Sword and Shield which will include the base game and both DLCs released this year in an all-in-one collection. However, no price has been announced yet.

These re-releases are also a first in the franchise, where usually a third edition of the game would be announced with little changes to the main story and a few additional Pokemon. A third edition of the game would usually be released after a year following the main game releases but Pokemon Sword and Shield have DLC expansions instead.

The Crown Tundra expansion will feature the comeback of several Legendary Pokemon as well as introduce new forms for existing ones like the Galarian forms of Kanto’s three Legendary Birds. An entirely new adventure awaits fans in this new snow-filled are in the Galar region and the good news is they won’t be waiting too long.

The Isle of Armor DLC was such a letdown but the developers will have the chance to make it up with Pokemon fans with the Crown Tundra.

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