New Marvel’s Avengers Champion System Gives Max Level Players Reason To Keep Playing

The updated Marvel’s Avengers Champion System encourages max-level characters to keep gaining XP for newly introduced abilities. This is great news, particularly as the Marvel superhero game will be updated in the near future.

Crystal Dynamics released a roadmap for the game a few months ago, laying out a schedule of activities that will take place in the coming months and beyond. The Red Room Takeover event will begin later this month, and the Black Panther expansion will be released sometime this summer.

Newly revealed skins inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe have gotten a lot of recognition recently for Marvel’s Avengers. Despite some noticeable modifications to the characters’ hair, both Black Widow and Hawkeye got skins modeled after their costumes in Avengers: Endgame. Though these improvements were mostly aesthetic, it seems that the game will undergo more significant changes in the future.

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Crystal Dynamics revealed the Champion System for Marvel’s Avengers in a post on Square Enix’s blog, enabling fully-leveled characters to continue earning XP for newly introduced abilities. Characters reach the maximum level gain Champion XP, which unlocks Champion Skills that affect stats such as injury, perk activation chance, and heroic charge rate. Combat Boosts, Tactical Boosts, Utility Boosts, and Defensive Boosts are the four types of Champion Skills. With Black Widow’s case on May 20, the latest device seems to be arriving.

The Red Room Takeover case, which will feature several single-player HARM Room challenges hacked by Yelena Belova, the mastermind behind the Rooskaya Protocols, will also be outlined in the blog post. The festival will take place from May 20 to May 31.

Hero’s Catalysts, which would effectively function as XP boosters to rapidly level up players, were also discovered by Crystal Dynamics. These Hero’s Catalysts can surface in the game’s marketplace on a regular basis.

A lack of substantial reasons to jump back into Marvel’s Avengers has plagued the game for a while. Despite some character drops with Kate Bishop and Clint Barton, the superhero game largely features repetitive content that quickly bored players.

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Fans even criticized Marvel’s Avengers newly released content and skins for being locked behind a paywall. Though the new Champion System doesn’t offer a dramatic change to the game’s content, it is certainly a welcome addition that encourages fans to progress their favorite heroes.

Similar multiplayer games like Destiny feature new XP categories once a character reaches max level. Now that this system is being implemented into the game, players will be able to tune their characters to their liking finely.

While the Champion System is likely the main draw for veteran players, the Hero’s Catalysts seem like a nice addition for new owners of the game. Running some missions with the boosts applied will allow new players to level up characters quickly to achieve parody with their friends’ max-level characters. With this addition and the newly-added campaign replay option, Crystal Dynamics is certainly incentivizing fans to jump back into Marvel’s Avengers.

Christian Allen Tandoc
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