Next Pokemon Direct Will Be On Pokemon Day 2021 – Leaker

A reputable leaker in the Pokemon community believes that the next Pokemon Direct will be taking place next month during Pokemon Day and that new mobile and video games will be revealed. With this year being the 25th anniversary of the franchise, it wouldn’t be too unbelievable that Pokemon will have something big to announce on February 27, 2021.

A few hours ago, Pokemon released a commemorative video to honor its 25th anniversary which is identical footage launched on the franchise’s 20th anniversary. The 25th-anniversary video acted as a tribute to each generation of the franchise and revealed a collaboration with musician Katy Perry.

Aside from this, there were no other huge revelations made inside the video, as was the case with Pokemon’s 20th-anniversary video. However, Pokemon followed up its 20th-anniversary video with another promotional video for Pokemon Sun and Moon a few weeks later, which is an identical time frame to today’s leaked information.

After the 25th-anniversary celebratory video was released, a French Pokemon new site called Pokekalos posted on Twitter that the next Pokemon Direct will be launched next month. It claims that the Nintendo Direct will contain details about new mobile games, video games, and other huge announcements.

Kelios, the admin for Pokekalos, also mentioned that the Pokemon Direct will be identical to Pokemon Sun and Moon’s announcement back in 2016 and that it will be taking place on Pokemon Day which is on February 27.

Leaked detail or not, it is obvious that Pokemon is preparing something huge for its 25th anniversary. Pokemon has made it a routine of going all out to commemorate these kinds of achievements, and there are already a few Pokemon games that fans know about that haven’t been launched yet.


Last year, the company announced Pokemon UNITE and Pokemon Snap, but have yet to share more information on their launch dates. However, Pokemon might also reveal new games the fan base is still unaware of.

Nonetheless, Pokemon has a lot in store between two major releases, one being a sequel to one of the series’ most endeared spinoffs. The Pokemon gaming community has also been pleading for Diamond and Pearl remakes but there haven’t been any clues from Game Freak as to whether or not it is developing on another major game.

With this said, Pokemon usually doesn’t wait more than two years to launch another major mainline game, and Pokemon Sword and Shield was released back in 2019.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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