Nexus War is Just Start of Marvel and Fortnite Crossover

Fortnite will continue introducing more Marvel characters and other related content, as the partnership between the two companies for a few more years after the current crossover season ends.

The ongoing Marvel Nexus War in Season 4 of Fortnite, which sets players against Marvel villains such as Galactus, seems to be just the beginning of a long-lasting partnership. It also looks like Fortnite is planning to customize Fortnite even further by utilizing brand deals it has recently received with Star Wars and DC, resulting in countless metaverse probabilities.

A lot of the success Fortnite is getting today has been fueled by the addition of countless new content Epic Games has been integrating into the game since it was released a few years ago. Every crossover has been critical to the game staying relevant. The Fortnite x Marvel crossovers have already featured characters including Hulk, Wolverine, Storm, Thor, and more, and the development team has collaborated with other media franchises and brands in the past.


The two extremely popular companies first partnered together back in 2018 which resulted in the creation of the Infinity Gauntlet mode. While other partnerships have emerged, none have been quite as famous as the Fortnite and Marvel crossover.

Fortnite’s worldwide creative director, Donald Mustard, revealed that more Marvel content and features will be coming to the game, but didn’t announce any specific details. Donald was the guest in last week’s This Week in Marvel podcast, where he talked about Marvel and Fortnite’s existing partnership.

The interview mainly focused on the long-term goals of the collaboration which he gave intriguing clues to fans who want to learn more about new content. Developer Epic Games has observed this trend and based on the interview, the crossover will exist for many more years to come.


Meanwhile, Epic Games isn’t hesitating from introducing partnerships with other brands into its ever-growing famous battle royale. With Halloween just around the corner, Fortnite’s yearly Fortnitemares celebration has been released. Along with creepy seasonal challenges and skins, the Ghostbusters are also set to appear in the game for a limited time.

It is great news for all Fortnite players to know that Marvel-inspired content will still be available in the game even in the coming years. Mustard’s revelation comes at a time when Epic Games is trying to satisfy new Fortnite players who just began playing the battle royale game because of its Marvel content.

It was essential that the developers found a way to not only invite new players but also keep them invested in the game. Season 4 proved to be so famous that Epic Games risked losing a significant number of players if Marvel wasn’t there in the long run.

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