Developer InnerSloth Releases New Update That Deals With Annoying Hacks

According to one of InnerSloth’s developers, the most recent update to the hit game Among Us should fix some of the known hacks currently being exploited by cheaters. To give you a general gist of what the game is, Among Us is a social deduction game created by InnerSloth’s impressive team of three.

As for how the game works, Crewmates need to successfully complete their tasks all while trying to throw out the Impostors who are out to kill each and every one of them. The catch is, these Impostors look just like every other Crewmate, so it’s fairly hard to identify one unless their actions become suspicious.

Even though Among Us was released in 2018, the game saw a huge boost in its playerbase beginning from the summer of this year.

That being said, the game’s rise in popularity also attracted the bad eggs. As such, there has been an increase in cheaters and hackers as of late. For some reason, cheating in Among Us has become more and more commonplace these days, even though players don’t really receive any rewards for winning a match.

For instance, there was one hacker who spawned multiple copies of their Among Us character, while some hackers customized the game to eject a player even though they only received one vote. Even worse are those hackers who directly put an end to the match, which immediately declares their character or team as the winner.

As for more recent cases, hacks have become even more intricate, exemplified by the way one hacker was able to force players to send spam messages as well as pro-Trump messages on the built-in chat. Shortly after, InnerSloth had to step in and quickly work on an emergency update.

Now, it appears that the developer was able to successfully finish the updates and is now rolling them out to the public. According to programmer Forest Willard, InnerSloth has released two waves of anti-hack updates that are supposed to deal with the current hacking and cheating issues.

The programmer’s tweet also states that the second wave will deal with the chat spam issue in particular, as well as mass despawn. This is the hack wherein the entire map is rendered completely black.

In a follow-up tweet, Willard states that both waves appear to be “pretty effective,” although he reminds players that these updates didn’t deal with all the hacks currently present in Among Us.

On the bright side, the new updates that were released should allow players to ban hacked rooms. At least as a temporary fix, this should help in slowly getting rid of the annoying lobbies.

We’re unsure when the next chat spam hack will weasel its way into the game, although we’re hoping that nothing of the sort will ever take place again. However, this might sadly be a more unrealistic wish.

Given how popular Among Us has become, it will most likely remain as a target for many future hacks and cheats. Fortunately, InnerSloth is quick to fix whatever issues players may be dealing with, although it appears that the invisibility glitch has yet to be addressed.

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