Nintendo Wins $2M Lawsuit Vs Switch Hackers

Nintendo is now in the last stages of a legal battle against Ubercips – a Switch hack retailer. The Japanese gaming giant will reportedly receive $2 million in a payout.

Nintendo won the lawsuit it has filed against a website selling hacks for the Nintendo Switch and will be rewarded at least $2 million in damages. This is the most recent entry in Nintendo’s long history of suing hackers of their current-gen console.

Piracy is a never-ending problem for all gaming companies that they are trying to deal with. When a new console is launched, hackers are usually fast in finding ways of pirating its software. These hackers then sell this valuable information in hopes of escaping legal consequences. Nintendo is trying its best to deal with these hackers for years now and the Nintendo Switch‘s safety is their latest endeavor.


A report from Gamasutra states that Nintendo is moving towards the end of a lawsuit filed against a seller called Uberchips which was allegedly selling a hack that allows people pirate games for the Nintendo Switch.

The suggested final agreement will reward Nintendo at least $2 million as well as a permanent mandate forcing the retailer to destroy all files, physical or digital, that infringes any copyrights of Nintendo. Uberchips will also be prevented to sell these and other similar products in the future. While it has been reported that both companies have already agreed on these terms, the settlement hasn’t been signed by a judge yet.

As of writing, Nintendo is still involved in eight other lawsuits against similar sellers which are all members of Team-Xecuter, a hacker group that has been around the scene since the early 1990s. Uberchips is the only operator from the hacker group that Nintendo knew of which is why they were able to succeed with the lawsuit.

However, the other eight websites are suspected to be running from outside the country which makes it difficult for Nintendo to trace them. While it is comprehensible that a company wants to earn profit from the things they already spent millions to make, there comes a point when a product really belongs to the consumer. Nintendo has always been a specifically contentious company, popular for putting down fan projects as well as hackers.


However, a line has to be drawn when it comes to enabling piracy. For the case of hacked consoles, players should be allowed to make adjustments to the hardware and software as long as it doesn’t allow them to access things they did not pay for including the games.

With digital versions of games now the new normal, pirated games become much easier to find which means lawsuits like this will continue to come. For all the possibilities, it is expected that there will be an increase in cases identical to the one between Uberchips and Nintendo.

Looking forward, it will be intriguing to see how the law will adapt and be interpreted when it comes to hackers especially now that a new console has been confirmed by Nintendo that is coming anytime next year.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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