Things are not always perfect in the world of gaming altogether. While many games can provide gamers with fun and the whole experience, there are certain times when gaming enthusiasts are looking for more. Sometimes, they just want to play a game they like without waiting time during downloads or installation. They want to play the game right now, at this moment.

What if there is a way to play your favorite games without going through the download or installation process? What if there is a way for gaming developers to reach out to more people in the community? What if new opportunities to streamline payment solutions will benefit game developers worldwide?

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In this new review, we will look at, the mobile cloud gaming platform that has taken the world by storm, literally and figuratively. But first, let us arm ourselves with information about the cloud. You may have probably heard about it before.

What Is Cloud?

The cloud, not where rain comes from, pertains to a virtual space around the World Wide Web. This is a storage space where individuals can place their digital resources, such as applications, software, and files. In simpler terms, the cloud is virtual storage space on the Internet. Do not be confused about the cloud and the Internet. The cloud is a part of the Internet – which brings us to the following term to define: cloud computing technology.

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Cloud computing lets people utilize digital resources stored in that virtual space through networks. Oftentimes, satellite networks. It allows individuals to share applications and information without being restricted by their physical location.

The cloud, the Internet,, and gaming – you can imagine how those things connect. For now, we head over to what is all about. Overview is the world’s first mobile platform-as-a-service or PaaS for game developers. It enables gaming communities to start playing games on any OS or device, instantly share these games on their social channels (you read that right, for the whole world to know), and pay in-game via payment channels has.

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With, gamers and gaming developers are no longer constrained by device, geography, or attribution. This mobile cloud platform for gaming opens the world of game consumers to developers as it unlocks entirely new revenue streams.

There are several games available on You think they got it (well, most of the time). There are action games, arcade games, adventure games, role-playing games, strategy games, simulation games, puzzle games, casual games, educational games, and card games. For Gaming

With, you can practically bid goodbye to the hassles of downloading or installing a game before you can play it. introduces nowCloudOS, a system already compatible with existing mobile apps on Android that is fully prepared for native cloud OS apps in the future.

Remember, gamers, has nowCloudOS. This feature implements the concept of distributed computing to Android, creating an impactful platform for many cloud-based applications.

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Here is the basic premise of the architecture. As latency and network bandwidth between various devices decrease, it can distribute the computational workload to better target each device’s specifications. Thus, this creates a low-latency cloud-based platform.

Not only these, but is also working closely together with AWS, Nvidia, and ARM to create the nowCloudOS architecture. This distributed architecture enables using heterogeneous modes based on availability around the cloud. With this, scaling can be rapid to a global service that can meet the present and future demands of game developers and consumers. How about that?

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Additionally, envisions all mobile apps and games to be available on the cloud within a short period. This will be made possible as the platform works closely with many companies in the chip ecosystem to design optimal hardware for various gaming workloads, all powered by nowCloudOS.

Moreover, nowCloudOS is working with telcos and phone manufacturers to introduce the Infinity phone, a phone that has infinite specs, what else, and is powered by the vast cloud infrastructure. This phone can transparently move user data and apps between the device and the cloud. Aside from that, it also provides privacy and security to consumers.

What Else Can Do?

You have heard that is not only for gamers but also for game developers who want to expand their reach. With this being said, what else can do aside from its nowCloudOS?

Solutions For Game Developers

Game developers do not need to study about alike because of a process that is easy to follow. They can simply host their games on the mobile cloud PaaS and publish the link on their websites. That simple. No additional app modifications are required. Once a game is hosted, mobile gamers can experience astounding gameplays without the need to download or install apps.

As they share links to their games, they can also integrate cloud payment. With this, they can, without a doubt, reach the next billion mobile gamers through the social channels they use, may these be Facebook, Instagram, Discord, and so much more.

In relation to this, also seamlessly integrates its cloud payments innovation with any game, letting players use cryptocurrency and digital wallets for making in-game purchases without restrictions on their credit cards. It also provides gaming developers with a higher margin in-app purchase or IAP commissions and lowers multi-device integration costs.

Monetization And Payments also makes it easier for game developers to earn profits, lots of them. Its integrated cloud payment systems increase margins from your current revenue and unlock new money-making opportunities for these game developers.

Gaming developers, be sure you are listening closely. Riding on’s system, you can integrate with their mobile cloud payments for much higher margins on your current revenue. Totally compatible with existing App Store and Google Play policies offers a 95 percent cut to these developers, increasing their margins by 25 percent. What more could you ask for? Do business with now.

The Verdict

So, are you ready for Perhaps not yet, and one of the questions in your mind will probably be, is safe for your mobile and devices? Believe us, we also asked the same question before, but after seeing how works, our doubts have disappeared.

It is always safe to play games on Aside from adhering to their privacy policy, your device is not running or downloading any files in the background when playing games on the platform. Furthermore, the game runs on its servers in the cloud, where all the processing and rendering are done. In other words, you can essentially interact with the game via the Internet, just like watching YouTube videos on a web browser, whether this is on your PC, smartphone, tablet, or any other device. With this setup, cannot install malware or harmful files or execute malicious codes.

You have heard about our side. Now, it is time for you to take action. Welcome into your gaming life. With, things will never be the same.

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