Playing via, the first mobile platform as a service for game developers, is better and more thrilling than ever before. This historic and phenomenal platform enables gaming communities to play their beloved games on any device or OS, share the games instantly on their social channels, and pay in-game through payment channels they already have. 

The moment you play on the platform, you can get tons of benefits. Among the benefits of playing on is that since the games are hosted on now. gg’s servers and runs on its machines, the gamer does not have to spend a lot of money on purchasing a flagship phone or a good computer just to play their favorite games with decent performance. 

So without further ado, we present another game you can play on the platform. Another game you can enjoy on is “Cookie Run: Kingdom” This action role-playing gacha game and the magnificence of the cloud gaming platform merge to provide every gamer with an undeniably exceptional gaming experience like they have never had before. 

Here Is How You Can Play ‘Cookie Run: Kingdom’ On

Simply follow the steps outlined before to start playing “Cookie Run: Kingdom” on the platform. The steps are straightforward to follow.  

1. First, you will have to go to Google Search to look for “Cookie Run: Kingdom”, but typing in on the search bar words like “ cookie run” or “cookie run” On the search results, look for the website that leads to the official page of “Cookie: Run Kingdom.” It should look like this:

2. Click the “Play in browser” button to launch the game. Wait for the game to load itself.

3. You will quickly be redirected to the game’s homepage. Then, you will be asked to input your age. There are also times that the game will ask you to sign in to your Google, Apple, or Facebook account, plus many other options. Simply follow this step.

4. You will be led to the game’s homepage, which begins you playing the first chapter of “Cookie Run: Kingdom,” The Council of Heroes. 

“Chapter I: The Council of Heroes” is the first chapter of Cookie Odyssey and the beginning of the Crème Republic arc. The Heroes of Earthbread have finally gathered at the Vanilla Kingdom to discuss the threat of Dark Enchantress Cookie’s return. However, this meeting attracts the attention of the Crème Republic from a distant continent, which sends their representative to influence the outcome of the gathering.

5. You will then be redirected to a pop-up page that usually promotes upcoming events in the game and where you can read the news about the game and interact with the community. However, if you want to head over straight away to the game, click the “X” button at the pop-up page’s upper-right corner.

6. You can now start playing the game. There are several options and customizations you can explore around. You can shop for items, view events, build, go to your guild, see your cookies, and so much more. 

Enjoy “Cookie Run: Kingdom” on! You can construct buildings, assign Toppings, build teams to battle, and power up your cookies so you become powerful in the arena. 

Note: There are instances when you have to download and have a VPN connection in locations that will not allow you to play “Cookie Run: Kingdom” on your browser with But with a VPN, you can. 

Perks Of Playing’ Cookie Run: Kingdom’ On

You must be aware that knowing the steps on how to play “Cookie Run: Kingdom” online right there from your device is a piece of cake, especially if you get the hang of it. It becomes much more accessible and even faster. You do not need to download anything or waste time waiting for an app installation. 

Furthermore, think about all the storage space you can save on your device if you decide to play “Cookie Run: Kingdom” online, and for free, that is right, for free on Another feature that excites several users about playing games on the platform is that you can even invite your friends and teammates so you can play “Cookie Run: Kingdom” online together. Play Cookie Run: Kingdom on your PC, phone, tablet, home gaming console — even your Apple device! – through 

‘Cookie Run: Kingdom’ is On

“Cookie Run: Kingdom” pertains to your action role-play gacha game developed by Devisters and is the sixth game in the overall Cookie Run franchise. 

The game is both an RPG and a city-building battle simulator. The game is mainly played by building the player’s Cookie Kingdom and collecting Cookies using the game’s gacha so you can fight in different game modes.

You can start playing “Cookie Run: Kingdom” anytime and anywhere without downloading or installing the game whatsoever with 

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